Problem with installation of addons

Hello Friends.

I installed the fresh Manjaro on a new SSD and I am having trouble installing some Widgets, Themes and Scripts. When I try to do this, an error message appears:

Download of … failed, error: SETTINGS invalid number of concurrent streams

Have you encountered something similar?

This seems relevant.


Lets get this right it’s not solved yet. It’s just a matter of waiting for KDE devs to get it fixed.

An alternative way to install Plasma widgets & addons that is currently working is to do so via the addon’s webpage using ocs-url (available via the AUR repository). I just installed a widget successfully, and I also installed an icon set yesterday via ocs-url, when I was unable to do so via System Settings due to the “concurrent streams” error.

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Yeah, I do this that way, but I Was worry it is some problem with my Manjaro Setup, and now I know there is nothing else I can do, Just waiting and install handly


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