KDE Plasma 5.25 focus on the wrong window with Nvidia cards

Sinds the update of Plasma 5.25 I have this problem, where after a random amount of time, the focus of windows will break.

When I click a window it will appear to go below other windows (instead of above), but behave like it is above other windows. The clicks on Windows will be passed through the windows that appear on top and act on the windows that appear below. It’s really annoying; you can’t see what you click.

I’ve tied different kernel versions (5.19 and 5.15), with the proprietary (video-nvidia-470xx and video-nvidia) and nouveau drivers, but all seemed to have the same result.

I also moved my SSD to some different computers to test if it is hardware dependent, and it seems to only persist on Nvidia cards. I’ve tried the: RTX 2060, Quadro K1000M, and intel intergraded graphics (where the problem did not persist).

It seems to me like a bug, but shoot I report this to the KDE team or the Manjaro team? And where would be the best place to report this?

Best would be to report it at bugs.kde.org.

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See this

Thanks, that is really helpful. It seems to be the same problem as I have.

In the thread of bogdancovaciu is also a link to a bug report of what seems to be this bug, but thanks anyway.

I guess I’ll just keep an eye on that but report thread.

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