KDE High ram usage

Randomly my laptop starts freezing (1-3 sec) so I checked form my ram usage and it was 7/7.8 GB used.
My usage is only some firefox tabs(max 7 tabs) and vscode.
But I realized that my firefox and latte dock (and panel) takes too much ram.

This example uses only one firefox tab, and uses alot of resources by “Web” “MainThread” and “latte-dock”.
How can I reduce this usage?

PU: Quad Core Intel Core i7-6700HQ (-MT MCP-) speed/min/max: 952/800/3500 MHz Kernel: 5.9.1-1-MANJARO x86_64  
Up: 1h 51m Mem: 3610.7/7859.0 MiB (45.9%) Storage: 931.51 GiB (3.6% used) Procs: 237 Shell: inxi: 3.1.05


From your screenshot it looks like the system is using 1.7 GiB from 7.7 GiB


To me that doesn’t look bad.
The freezing can be caused by something else tho: baloo indexing, schedulers …
Do you have a SSD and a swap partition on it? Maybe better approach is a swapfile or systemd-swap.

Please provide more information about your system, as pointed out here:


Doesn’t have SSD and I never disabled ballo and scheduler, got swap partition of 8GB.

is a great combo to make your system laggy or frozen. I suggest at least disable baloo, it doesn’t play well with HDD.

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Disabled baloo but you said at “at least disable baloo” is it sounds like run manjaro on hdd bad idea too?

No, just the baloo itself is bad, the rest should be fine.

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I’m running Manjaro KDE on spinning rust with lots of bells and whistles active and apart from when too much swap is in use, it runs fine. :smiley_cat:

Once it finishes indexing, should be fine. Problem is not that easy when you have a bunch of partitions containing thousands of files spread over hundred of folders. Indexing them will take a looooong time and is resource consuming.

Not to mention they are using latte-dock … which is basically a 2nd DE and bloats KDE to about double the RAM cost. Actually in this case its taking 3 times the memory plasmashell is using.
(which isnt default … the user installed this, and even mentions it as the highest resource use…so…)

It seems it is. Taking only ~8mb.

The issue is configuration and perception;

In general this system is bloated.
See all the blur and transparency? I am going to guess there are other desktop effects in use.
Again lattedock is taking a huge amount.
Not to mention the apprent browsing habits - some modified waterfox with crappy extensions …
its using over 750mb with one tab open. Thats nothing to do with the desktop … thats the browser and user configuration.
So … I can easily see knocking off 1+ gig from this by just flipping a few switches.

That all said … also see this:

I wanted to test just to see … and here we are:

Another example for my problem:
I am using vscode, firefox with 4 tabs and running react and express servers and suddenly my machine became almost unusable, it freezes every 5 secs

After I killed the second process “Web” my system dropped to 2.5G ram usage, and it just killed my localhost react server.

So you have answer – your servers eats ram. Optimize them, repair memory leaks and situation should be better.

EDIT: About system freezes: swap + HDD may cause it, for good swap performance you need fast disk. You should set lower swappiness – this will cause swap will be use later.

My swappines value is 60, what value should I change?

Probably ~10 or so.
Also heres a tool to automate some settings:

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I dont have a knowledge about linux os, but if I disable swap partition in my system it may help?

It’s likely to cause your system to lock up when it runs out of RAM. It’ll also prevent hibernation, which could be an issue with a laptop if that’s what you have. :wink: