KDE Dual Monitors With Nvidia Drivers Lose Signal After Logging Out After 1/25/23 Updates

After this week 1/25/23 patches, KDE while using the latest mhwd auto propietery Nvidia GPU drivers, the primarny dual monitor (hdmi) loses signal and will not wake up. The other monitor (dvi) works fine, but if you login back in (without a reboot), it is useless since the other monitor is primary.

Upon a power up/boot, both works fine, but once you log out, the one primary montior goes out.

The work around which I found to be a temp fix is that after the logout issue (with one dead primary monitor), if you fire up another TTY session, ctr+alt+f2, etc…, and switch back to the GUI TTY, it fires up the primary monitor. So it looks like a lack of a forced “refreshing” monitor service issue at log out.

This did not happen before this week 1/25/23 updates with Nvida drivers. If I remove the Nvida driver and use the basic video Linux drivers there is no issue so it is realted to the latest OS updates or the Nvida driver update.

Is there an offical fix or can the dev team patch the issue for KDE for Manjaro in a future update? Thank you.

I have a similar problem starting at around the same time. My workaround was to reactivate my DP-4 Monitor in KDE Display Configuration, but it is not consistent.

If i can help with any debug information, let me know.

same issue with gnome. another intel ****up probably.