KDE Device Notifier does not detect usb disks

Hello community,

New Linux user, 15 days, coming from Windows 7 and after some distribution tasting, I felt at home with Manjaro (KDE version).

My problem is with KDE ‘disks and devices’ applet. When I insert a usb disk in a new session, it is detected by ‘Device Notifier’ which offers the option to mount it. So far so good! However, after I have unmounted the usb disk, ‘Device Notifier’ will not detect any usb disks that I connect to pc. I would then have to log-out and back in for it to see the drive.
My current workaround is to Mount/Unmount usb disks from ‘Dolphin’ file manager but I am worried that this may not be recommended practice since there is a specific app for this task.
Any help towards resolving this issue will be appreciated!

ps: Since this my first post here, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the developers of Manjaro!

After some Google search, I came across this page Disk & Devices applet doesn’t show USB removable devices and SD cards after disconnecting and re-connecting them which actually confirms that this is a bug, not yet fixed!

P.S. hello @nl.smart

Well, I am aware of that option in ‘System Settings’, however it seems like another workaround in my case, since I don’t really want ‘automatic mounting’. Thank you for your help.

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