Just re-installed Manjaro - graphics are a bit glitchy - Proprietary driver?

I accidentally allowed the Manjaro install to use free drivers instead of proprietary, and the graphics seem a bit “laggy” and glitchy…how would I over-ride that default free driver (checked with the mhwd command it is the free one) and install the AMD prop driver? Radeon RX Vega M GL is the card.

redo the installation with the propietary drivers if this is a fresh re-install of manjaro. saves time and stress.

That wouldnt be required in whatever case because switching is easy, ex:

sudo mhwd -i pci video-nvidia

Or automagic:

sudo mhwd -a pci nonfree 0300

But also …

There is no proprietary driver to choose for this card in mhwd.
Modern AMD cards use amdgpu, which is open.
(older cards would use ati/radeon … also open)
Support is provided by the video-linux driver profile … there is no other choice to make.

nope if it’s a vega card of the w6000/w5000-series then there are specific drivers. they are also named “radeon/vega” but they are different.

What driver? … and what profile does that correspond to in mhwd?

I’ll cut ahead…

Maybe you think it needs amdgpu-pro.

It doesnt.
But mhwd also doesnt provide such a profile … so it would make no difference during installation.
One would need to install it from the AUR (post-install).
But … 99.999% of the time … that is not desirable. Instead most users actually do want regular amdgpu … and simply add the proprietary bits they need (if they need them). As outlined in the archwiki:

(looking again … it seems all the info and available packages have been reworked so … that the above description is really the only option rather than simply more desirable)

Yes that is what I thought as well (going by windows experience)…but I cannot locate anything. When I look at the devices it appears only the free one is available…as the pic shows it is the open source one. I certainly hope this is ok with the games I play (nothing too intensive though) - it did on windows, hoping it is the same on linux.

If you want to show system info you could see here: