It is safe to update a package from Arch repos?

So i want to test the new linux 5.9-tkg kernel on my system, but i require the broadcom-wl-dkms extra module for my wireless card to work. The manjaro actual release is which does not support kernel 5.9 yet, because usr/src/broadcom-wl- is missing. Arch version has it. How much is risky to update from arch?

You’re risking a partial upgrade, which can range from minor issues to ruining your system.

You can install Kernel 5.9 in Manjaro… it’s been in our repos for a while. Both Arch & Manjaro has kernel 5.9.1-1 in stable repo.

kernel 5.9 official is not fsync patched unfortunately.
Beside that, broadcom-wl-dkms depends only on dkms which is the same version.

You can build the needed kernel from source. The kernel you are looking for is in AUR AUR (en) - linux-pds
Do you know how to properly install from AUR? With git clone etc.

If you buld an AUR package you won’t suffer from partial upgrade. But the package itself can be as risky and unreliable as you can imagine. Therefore check the number of votes for the package and the comments of users. Also create a backup of the system before installing a sysemic AUR package like a kernel. (Maybe consult your insurance company whether they will pay any fire damage from your exploding computer. :wink: Install the package with a sleep command to have enough time to run out of the room. :boom: sleep 1m ; pacman -U linux-pds*)

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I don’t get the fuss here at all. Based on the log 5.9.1-3 has the patch …

I don’t get the fuss too
So either the patch was dropped or it’s not working for some obscure reason.

Everything works fine with kernel 5.9.1-3 from unstable repo.