FSYNC Patch Missing from linux59 kernel package

The FSYNC Proton patch was included in all of the repository versions of linux58 but is missing from linux59 all of the sudden.

Does anyone know why the FSYNC patch was dropped? Is this an oversight? Will FSYNC be returning to 5.9 any time soon, or should we all get busy rolling our own custom kernels again?

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I tried to build a RC version of 5.9 with the fsync patch some weeks ago and the build failed because the patch was not compatible with 5.9 yet.
That said, I did not check if there is a 5.9 compatible patch out yet. If you can find one, you might link it here so that @philm or @nightmare-2021 can pick it up.


I’m uploaded 5.9.1-2 with a new Futex patch to unstable.
Please test it and give me a feedback.

You’ll find all infos for the new patch (including new features) under the following link:



I would love to test it, but no unstable mirror contains it yet.

Building currently fails because 0103-futex1.patch is missing in the gitlab repo.

Mirrors must sync first - that doesn’t happen within seconds but always takes a while :wink:

it was just that none of them had it, which is rather rare.

The mentioned patch-file is still missing on gitlab though :wink:

Happy to test it but I’m running testing branch. Soon as the patch-file is on gitlab I’ll build it (want to patch for nvidia as well)

I forgot to upload a patch to GitLab.

The following 3 patches are required for Futex:


The function of the individual patches is explained in detail in the link above (# 2)

Just got it thanks. Compiling now

well, some tools (like lutris) detect that the kernel is fsync - patched and allow to switch it on, but wine(staging) and proton don’t register it as compatible and fall back to esync.

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Thanks for the feedback - so we’ve to wait for a working patch.

You can help us a lot by looking for a solution yourself. None of us use the function, so we cannot help here.

Here is my custom build with working fsync , project C scheduler & more + source


I’m currently building version 5.9.1-3 with the patch.
Please test if it is online in unstable and give me feedback again.

I won’t update GitLab until it works.



It’s online - all the mirrors have to do is syncen.

And just for information - on my infernal machine a build for the 5.9 takes near 20 minutes :wink:

I am not using it. I just know how to test it because I was experimenting a bit with it in the past :wink:

Tested now and it works.

and linux-ck ???


:scream: :scream: :scream: