Issues installing via ISO's with kernels newer than 5.4

some specific family cpu failed to boot with 5.7 or 5.8 kernels ,
this is haswell & ivy bridge

stay on version 5.4 lts or 4.19 lts


yes… I am running 20.1 with 5.4 now
is there any another way to get calamares log with 5.8?

with terminal

sudo -E calamares -d

terminal is nonresponsive!! unsuable

i think newer kernels are not good with my hardware…i have 2 live with 5.4 for now

ohhh…i c
mine is ivy bridge

Just tried Ubuntu 20.10…
everything working properly…kernel 5.8.0-18
So 5.8 is working on my system!!


I’ve found the problem…I had a pcie to usb3 card installed…that was causing the problem…removed that card, everything is working…I can now install latest isos…no problem… everything is fixed…