Recent updates have messed up my system

There are some updates on my system at the moment (look in screenshots).
After installing all of them, the system stops loading - just a black screen at boot.
I deduced with the command journalctl -b (look in the screenshots). But this screenshot turned out to be uninformative, as far as I understand. I made it after the second recovery from timeshift.
Before the first recovery, it wrote something about libva error unknown libva rerror 0xffffffffffffffff

The 5.7 kernel is EOL. Either install 5.4 as is LTS, or install 5.8.

From the information you provided we can’t know for sure if you had a partial update or not, or something else happened during the update. Please make sure you do this from TTY:
sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syyu
sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux54

then reboot in the 5.4 kernel.

If you want to provide logs, or output terminal, please provide them as text. Use ``` above and bellow when you paste them here, for proper formatting.

Thanks for the explanation. I am new to linux.
I do not know how to copy from the command line, which I called with Alt + F2. I’ll try to install kernel 5.8

I did as you said, however, the result is the same.
kernel 5.8 after upgrade from package manager with ui black screen at boot.

also from the console, I tried to execute the commands that you wrote, but the result is still the same.
only recovery from timeshift helps

So, booting with 5.4 kernel ends with the same result? See this:

installed kernel 5.8, removed 5.7.
reboot, black screen, tried to update everything through the command you sent above. still a black screen. I do not want to put the kernel below. no time to experiment. and so already spent 4 hours.
I’ll put 5.7 and will not update anything yet.
also tried to update everything except the system application links. but also a black screen.

Not sure what that means. 5.4 is LTS kernel and probably the best there is …

It would have took you 5 minutes with my previous suggestion, but you can do what you want. Is your system. Also my time here just expired.
Have a good day.

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Thanks you!

I found out that some of these modules are causing an error on my system.
I tried installing 5.8 and uninstalling 5.7, but it was causing a black screen on boot.
Through trial and error, I installed in turn the various updates that were suggested by the system, and found out what exactly:
linux-latest 5.8-1 (5.7-2)
linux-latest-virtualbox-host-modules 5.8-1 (5.7-2)

Did you issue the good old
sudo update-grub
after installing/removing kernels?

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I didn’t know about it, I’ll try later

installed 5.8, removed 5.7. bootloader updated but black screen.