Issues after update

Hello everyone.

I am a newbie in Manjaro but I have soooo loved everything.
UNFORTUNATELY today my system updated automatically to this new one Pahvo.
I wasn’t even asked! Just opened the laptop and kaboom! New everything.
All my settings, all my files, all my everything gone! Plus the new interface -sorry DEV- is so freaking ugly. For a moment I thought I was back in 1999!
The search utility gone, some apps gone and one thing I also noticed is that whatever you place in the desktop, after 2-3 minutes, disappears!
Can anyone help me, how I can switch to the previous release? and stick to that.
I am a woman, graphic designer and -forgive me again DEV- so so sooo ugly environment I cannot stand it - plus anything else mentioned.

Thank you everyone.

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Pahvo is an iso, update change nothing …
I guess you write in wrong subject ; the stable update is not yet announced

That seems more like a bug of some sort. Maybe write a support question (something like “Desktop environment broken after restart”) with relevant screenshots.

Thank you both for the super fast reply.
@papajoke I didn’t do anything. Just opened the laptop and faced a new reality! an ugly new reality :frowning: and see for yourself what my hello manjaro says :frowning: (this link is a screenshot)

@Tc001 I wish I had screenshots of the previous environment, so to post a new topic. My main question is if I can roll back and stick in there.

hello screenshot is good … nothing break ?
without infos we can help you … desktop is ? what is the problem ? theme used …

only if you create backup before update :wink:

Hi sonia,

I guess that you didn’t make a snapshot of your system (for example with the help of Timeshift). It is necessary to do it each time when you upgrade to a new version. I guess also that you have check the automatic update option that’s why the system is update automatically.
As Manjaro is a rolling release distribution, you can never stop Manjaro from upgrading, Manjaro was made that way. So, even if you roll back, you will be forced to upgrade to the higher versions.

@papajoke: Can’t she go back with a downgrade of packages (if the previous versions of packages are in cache) ? But i think it will be difficult if the whole system was upgrade.

Some of the main issues, appeared for me:

  • the “search” option disappeared from everywhere. Used to have a blue circle “search”. I have not even the option to search for files! wtf!!! :-p
  • whatever you place in the desktop, disappears after 2-3 minutes! I don’t believe in magic, but here magic happens!
  • I have done 3 restarts. After each restart I get notifications for kernel updates. The bubble cannot be clicked (so to direct you straight to the updates) and by searching one by one each option, the updates are not anywhere!!!
  • From the latest apps I have installed, only appimage has kept. All other, lost forever!
  • Not to mention that deleted all my settings, files, downloads, folders. Name it and this update erased it. It behave like a new installation and the worst part is that it never asked or had any notification for that!
  • and lastly: themes? I loved the previous version theme. clean cut minimal and beautiful. And never played with other themes, I love simplicity. Now what’s installed and I see, is “welcome back to 1999” and unfortunately every other theme packed with this update (sorry DEV) are also so so freaking ugly.

I’m sure that many other issues will come up in the next hours. I still exploring it.

Back up unfortunately not, because I had in mind (like my mac machine) that I will get a notice first and then I will choose when and how to update, and usually I get fresh backups just before I proceed.

Let’s start with the basics.

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@sonia: I made some search on the net. And here are the results:

  2. How To Restore Broken Arch Linux To Previous Working State

I think you can restore your previous system by downgrading it but I’m not a specialist for this. So, I let someone else here help you. :wink:

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No, update never write (change, add, delete) in user HOME

never manjaro make update for us ! only admin user can run an update

:cry: no infos (maximum) == we can’t help you

Sorry, missed that this is a new post

Can you show a screenshot of how your desktop currently looks?

the update seems to be in stable

Silly question, but :

Are you sure you don’t boot on the live manjaro???, you don’t have usb or cd when you start your computer???