Issue with the stable update 2020-12-30, nvidia and kernel related


Ideally I would like to have 5.4 as it is listed as recommended but I started with the wrong feet and now the only kernel version that works when I select it from GRUB is 5.8. If 5.4 is not possible to work for me, how can I upgrade to 5.10?

All the other kernels I select from GRUB produce black screen. In this black screen, when I press Ctrl-Alt-Del it shows something like this for a fraction of second:

watchdoc0: watchdog did not stop
rebooting system

Then the system reboots.

I did not want to change the kernel initially but I have to since I get this window when doing an update to the latest stable update of Manjaro (31 dec 2020) and I cannot start the update:



The dependencies can not be satisfied:

  • Removal of linux58-nvidia-440xx affects dependency ‘linux58-nvidia-440xx’ which is necessary
  • If possible, remove linux-latest-nvidia-440xx and retry

I would like to keep everything stable. What should be my reaction to this window?


Hi @silviubogan :wink:

All nvidia driver except 455xx and 390xx are dropped already. You will need to remove 440xx and install 455xx.

This is on testing branch:

$ pamac list -g linux54-extramodules | grep nvidia
linux54-nvidia                   [Installiert] 455.45.01-6      extra  21,6 MB
linux54-nvidia-390xx                           390.138-2        extra  11,0 MB
linux54-nvidiabl                               0.88-93          extra  69,5 kB
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@megavolt Thanks for the answer!

Without changing to another kernel, it looks to me that there is no available driver to install.


Does this mean I have first of all to change the kernel? Then I have the issue in the post above.


Yes… you have to upgrade the kernel or use an LTS Kernel like 5.4… Kernel Version 5.8 is EOL and dropped already:

On my system linux58 does not exist anymore xD

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It looks that I have the same issue, however I have no idea how to fix it as I cannot boot with command-line.

Can anyone give me some help?

Do you still have installed a kernel and video driver for it that work together well? Then you can press the Shift key repeatedly at the startup of the system and then in the menu there is a submenu that shows that kernel too as an option. You can boot with that kernel and then you can do any changes you need to your installed drivers list within that boot. HTH and Happy New Year!

I managed to solve my problem with a live usb.

I had a conflict with package nvidia-utils and nvidia-440xx-utils and couldn’t delete the 440xx package due to dependency with lib32-nvidia-libgl.

I finally deleted package lib32-nvidia-libgl, then nvidia-440xx-utils, then I reinstalled lib32-nvidia-libgl package.

Happy New Year!

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