Issue with monitor flashing wildly -- is there a log that might indicate the cause?

Hello, I’ve had two occasions in which my screen appeared to break into several small rectangular blocks of maybe 1/2 inch tall by 2 inches wide and flash wildly. When this happens, I cannot use the mouse to get out of it and didn’t know what else to do except hold the power button down until the machine shut down. Maybe I’m just getting too old now but it is disturbing to look at the screen when this happens.

Is there a log that can be viewed to determine what took place? System Monitor shows I’m using KDE Plasma 5.26.3, Frameworks 5.99.0. My system is up to date. The machine is an HP Elite Desktop 800 16GB RAM 8 cores. If it matters the monitor is Samsung and is about four years old. I think the graphics card is a 530 something, nothing special just the standard card that comes with the machine.

I didn’t have much running, just working in Tcl and had Kate, Konsole, System Monitor, Dolphin, and Firefox and Brave browsers open also. I think the RAM used was around about 5 of the 15.4 GiB free.

I’m not implying it is an issue with Manjaro or KDE but would like to figure out the cause. I bought a refurbished machine a couple months ago and it may still be under warranty if this is due to a failing/faulty graphics card.

I have noticed that when the mouse passes over the icons in the lower left portion of the screen, there are times when the pop-ups start flashing rapidly. Moving the mouse around gets this to stop. I cannot make this happen anytime I choose to replicate it, but it just seems to take place at random times when I’m moving the mouse towards the K to open the menu. And I’ve noticed also a few times lately when the monitor goes completely black (as if turned off) for a second or two and then returns to normal display again and continues to operate normally.

Thank you for any guidance you may be able to provide.

if you have a spare ssd to install a different system ( something with lightdm to have an other instance for testing purposes ) , or even maybe a live medium would
do to test if the problem repeats. If yes it is most likely a hardware problem.

Details about the hardware could be helpfull for those able/willing to help you :wink:
These kind of glitches can occur due to many different variables, like bad RAM on your motherboard or graphics card or type of graphics chip or amount of ram in both etc…
It could even be due to over heating…

Oh last but not least, it could also be your monitor…

Maybe. However, when it takes place, I immediately reboot and it operates fine again for a couple months. So, doesn’t appear to be overheating because no time to cool off.

Untill then you will only get guesses at the most if any at all…

Link to to some information on error logs [HowTo] Find error logs.