Issue with HP Laptop 15s-eq2142AU

Hey everyone back again about the HP 15s-eq2142AU laptop and it’s had this random issue where it will randomly crash to a black screen and you have to restart the laptop again.
here is the hardware info

AMD Ryzen™ 3 5300U with Radeon™ Graphics × 8
8gb ram
AMD Radeon™ Graphics
Linux 6.1.31-2-MANJARO

I got the journalctl log here of the last boot

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A lot of issues. No idea where to start xD

Look first at the gnome-shell…

 cat <(curl -s | grep "gnome-shell" | less

And take a look at the issues which are produced by extensions.

haha yeah I see, it’s using the default extensions Manjaro comes with tho I removed x11 gestures and touche because it’s using Wayland and I noticed a lot of warning from it. What would you recommend doing?