Issue with creating bootable usb in windows

i downloaded the iso and checked the SHA1
the issue is that after trying to make the bootable usb both with Rufus and etcher,
all i get is a single folder on the usb named EFI with a single file in a sub-directory ‘Boot’ named bootx64.efi.
the whole usb appears to windos as 3.97 mb in size while it’s a 16GB one,
the size of the file mentioned above is 148kb.

it seems similar to the issue mentioned in this thread:
forum. manjaro. org/t/problems-creating-bootable-usbs-for-testing/27318

could it be that it’s just invisible to windows since it in EXT now?

as far as i can remember from other installations i should have in the usb a few visible folders:
and a few files:
(i can see them in 7zip)

any ideas?

tried with two different usb sticks.

Wincrap does not support the filesystem Linux uses, that’s why you don’t see it.


That is normal - Manjaro ISO is ext4 so - unreadable by Windows.

You can however use the ventoy project and have all space usable.

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alright then.
Thank you.