ISO Downloads are Slow

Huh, well, right now, trying to download a 21.0.1 minimal ISO, roughly 100KBps at peak.
About 5-6 hours for downloading…i am sure this is a joke, but 9 days late.
I have a fiber internet connection

Heh, nah man. I remember the days I was extremely happy when I hit 13KBps.

My update just got an average of 2 MBps download speed. Check that you use mirrors close to you, that mes one big difference!

What mirrors ?

Check here:

These are mirrors for the packages, and indeed, no problem with them, i made the big update one hour ago.
But, i am talking about the ISOs. I would like an ISO to put in a VM for testing purpose

It’s about downloading the ISO images and not packages.

But yeah. Download is indeed slow as hell. About 100 kb/s.

Seems there is only one mirror available right now.

@linux-aarhus Wondering if OSDN is still giving issues with the upload? They always had pretty fast mirrors available…

Yes, San Diego is quite slow, anyway, i will wait till tonight and see what happens.

Hmmm, OK. I don’t see 100KBps as slow. But I’m obviously in the minority.
Maybe a torrent would work better?

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lol :slight_smile:

Compared to the 50MBps I got once? Yeah, it’s slow. Compared to the 10KBps I used to get? It’s very, very fast.

Well, you are right, and anyway, sometimes, the minority is right.
But, when you have 1.9 Go to download, i agree with you actually, it’s not slow…it’s more than slow, i can’t find the appropriate word (english is not my mother tongue so i lack vocabulary)



I guarantee you, your English is better than some native speaker’s I’ve heard. I’m not an Native English speaker myself, but I do like to read. a Lot!

But, I get it. You mean crawling. But once again, try doing that with a dail-up connection, and you’d be extremely lucky if it hit 12KBps. And then it was ADSL. That was 512KBpps. It felt like I was flying! Hitting download speeds of up to 60KBps! Man!

Package mirrors and ISO mirrors are completely different.

After OSDN migrated their infrastructure to Amazon - not a good decision …




And you had to be careful! They could get very hot!

This one is not bad either


Reminding me of the movie Wargames

I don’t recall quite how it looked - but I found it in a dumpster behind the jutland telecom branch named Jydsk Telefon - in my memory it looked similar to this


Specially for you :



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