Where to download FAST?

Main Manjaro homepage, clicking on to download Manjaro, choose KDE, click on download and “great take me to download” … download gives me 100kb/s. This will take all day, wtf? Is this for real?

There is already a thread about this, see this post:

Ok, so the thread is about talking about how slow downloads were in 1995? Great help… so there’s no fast download link or what???

What part of ‘Seems there is only one mirror available right now.’ is from 1995?

I mean… I thought there would be a solution in the thread… sorry dude… just frustrating.

How come the torrent image aren’t available anymore ?

Unfortunately no solution as yet, just the cause of the problem. The rest of that thread has gone a little off-topic.

FAST is Netflix’s internet speed test, and it’s available at fast.com or the AUR:


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One reason is that I haven’t bothered to upload the latest ISO and encourage other forum users to download and keep it seeding.

Beyond that, I’m not so sure.