ISO Building and skel for the i3 ISO profile

I am looking at how to create my own ISO, and found the nifty mini guide. I decided to take a look at the i3 iso-profile, as that is the system I am running myself.

I am struggling to understand how skel is used. It sounds like everything that you put in desktop-overlay/etc/ skel is copied to the user’s home folder, as the following is written in the documentation:

This is where you can clone everything you see on your Desktop Screen to ISO.

All files and folder in here will get copied to the home folder.

However, for the i3 iso profile there is no skel under desktop-overlay/etc/. For this profile it is only located under live-overlay/etc/skel (as seen here). Still, this is the i3 config that gets copied to the home folder when a users install the i3 iso.

Is the live system’s skel used, when installing a system, if no skel is located under desktop-overlay?

After having looked into this a bit more it seems like it is not the same i3 config that ends up as the user i3. The live i3 config has the bindsym $mod+i exec calamares_polkit. Maybe the user config is a default i3 config that gets created when i3 runs the first time.

There is several packages manjaro-<edition>-settings which contains the settings.

The skel folder on the final ISO is populated using the package.

What you put in you iso-profile desktop-overlay will shadow what ever is provided with the relevant settings package.

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