Is there ever a need to reflash the device to update?

My understanding is that Manjaro uses a rolling release model, so under normal circumstances I should be able to continue updating the phone forever, right?

I found out that I accidentally flashed an older version of the Plasma Mobile instead of the latest recommended build. I’ve updated my repositories and updated the package via pacman already, though.

Reference: Unable to launch NeoChat on a fresh install - #2 by Strit

Is that enough, or might I need to reflash the device?

Might there ever be a time when reflashing to the latest build is required?
(Other than screwing up the OS myself.)

Well, on a normal machine, updated should be fine.

But, since this is the PinePhone, which is in very heavy development, software-wise, I would recommend reflashing with a newer image, depending on how “old” the one you used was.

Newest Beta image is Beta4, so I would say if you have anything older than Beta 4, I would reflash it with beta 4.

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