Is sudo pacman -Rsn still valid for removing all parts of a application?

found the below in the below linked thread and wanted to make sure it was still valid. I am having a issue with Radarr and it was suggested to simply remove it completely especially it’s stored database and simply reinstall it. I know just using the pamac GUI can leave parts of a program so I want to make sure everything is gone. Thanks

I’m pretty sure Pamac removes any file the program creates, except config files in your /home.

If not, sudo pacman -Rsn <package name> should do it.

If the stored database (or any files created by the app) is in /home folder then you need to delete it yourself.

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OK so run that and then check home?

Yes. Remember some apps put files into multiple folders, sometimes it takes some sleuthing to track them down and delete.

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how about -Rsun ?

The “u” flag is mostly usefuly when removing groups, for single packages it does not make a difference.

The key difference when removing packages using pacman is between option “s” and “c”

  • “s” will remove unused dependend packages and related dependend packages a.s.o. (which makes most sense to me) and is usually pretty safe.
  • “c” will go the other direction, it’s also removing packages which depend on the package you want to remove (and it’s doing this recursive as well). This could remove quiet a lot of packages and could render your system unusable, so always check what exactly is going to be removed!
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I’m not in the mood to break things just to break them.

Might want to in the furture suggest peeps also check through root. The files I needed to delete after removing Radarr were all in root.

do you mean /root/ or / ?
Because files placed by a package outside of your home should still be owned by that package and removed with it … but /root is sort of like home for user ‘root’ but you shouldnt be using that user/directory for much…
(by default ALPM/pacman wont remove anything from home)

Maybe the radarr AUR PKGBUILD needs some changes then. There should be no untracked files in the system. This is a subject for another topic, however.

/ is what I mean. Should of been clearer. It’s just I’m so use to naming / as Root under places in Dolphin I sometime forget they’re different. I only name / Root in Places cause it looks better than just /.

Yea Radarr isn’t the only program that has files where they should be, but the programs are designed that way. Makes it a pain to just go in delete the files and reinstall the program fresh. Like you said that’s for another topic(in their forums since it was their mess). It’s all sported now and Radarr is working perfectly again. Thanks everyone for the help and feedback, much appreciated.