How to uninstall an app removing all the leftovers?


I have been using Linux Mint, before trying Manjaro. The option apt purge application_name was handy to remove all the leftovers along with uninstalling.

Leftovers like usr/share/icons/…, usr/share/docs/…, /etc/program/created/this, etc.

Here are my questions:

  • Is there an equivalent to apt purge?
  • Does removing from Add/Remove Software itself clean everything not leaving any leftovers?


I’m pretty sure Pamac removes any file the program creates, except config files in your /home.

If not, sudo pacman -Rsn <package name> should do it.



Does Remove button in Add/Remove Software do the same?

Add/Remove Software, is called Pamac. So I refer to previous post. :wink:

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