Is it safe to mix pamac with yay?

a experienced arch user recommended yay instead of pacman to me. so i am using it as my main package manager and quite like it. i am aware its a wrapper for pacman.

but is yay a save way for updating manjaro in general ?

or should i always use pamac for the system updates and then is it save to use pacman and yay for installing and uninstalling packages ?

are these different tools for the same thing or will i mess up my system by mixing them ?

i already experienced some differences with some packages i could only install with pamac but not yay.

Only you can decide if the programs you use are safe for your own use case. No one here has been hired to make decisions for you. Research, learn and be enlightened. Man pages are your friend:

man pacman
man yay
man pamac

sorry. i didn’t make clear that i didn’t expect a decision or ensurance from anyone. just an advice from a more experienced user about the possible dangers in mixing yay with the manjaro’s own paketmanager. something i cannot see as inexpirienced as i am in the “man yay” and “man pamac”.

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As it relates to repo and AUR packages they both do the same thing in slightly different ways.

There shouldn’t be packages that one can install and the other not in normal circumstances.

The one thing to be aware of that I can think of is if you use any *-git packages from AUR, yay keeps a database that uses to check for updates on those packages so if you install one of those packages in pamac you will need to use yay --gendb to update it’s database.


I just realized your topic title sounds like your experimenting with chemicals and are afraid of an explosion if something goes wrong. :exploding_head:

You have nothing to fear but fear itself. The only pitfalls are learning the hard way after trial and error. We’ve all been there. Make backups and have the assurance you can restore them if something goes wrong.

Poke around, have fun.

Use your noggin, tread carefully and ask questions whenever you’re in doubt.

We’re here to help, that’s why this forum exists.


use yay --gendb` to update it’s database

thanks. these are the hint’s i was looking for

you can read my mind :wink:
i know what you mean but i still try to avoid to run into major problems with my system i use for work and better ask twice. allready had a few “cannot boot” problems this year i got solved with the help of this great forum. and yes. i do allways backups.

thanks again + cheers

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