Is it possible to install manjaro on a machine that has secure boot active?

Well, explaining better…
My notebook has the bios blocked, and I have no idea why, it already came with an adm password, I even thought I’d send it to remove the cmos and reset the bios, but anyway, nowadays, I use Zorin, but it’s been disappointing in some things, that’s why I got really interested in Manjaro, they say it’s very stable, and also great for games, since lately I’m playing csgo.
And the point is, can I install without worry the manjaro with secure bot enabled?
I’ve already tried installing windows, and secure bot blocks the installation…
That’s why I’m afraid to download and install manjaro and in the middle of the installation it will be blocked, Zorin OS, I managed to download without problems with secure bot, I believe that manjaro has the same trend, but it is always important to get informed about that we don’t know.

Anyway, this is my doubt, the sooner someone helps me, the faster I will use Manjaro _.

If your English is bad, I can only say…

Sorry, I’m from Brazil.

Technically yes if you sign the boot image yourself. However, it’s neither supported by Arch nor Manjaro.

See Unified Extensible Firmware Interface/Secure Boot - ArchWiki


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