Is auto-cpufreq alone good enough?

I have just installed auto-cpufreq from the aur and enabled it. When unplugged the cpu clock speed drops to 1400 MHz & when plugged in all cores stay at 3000 MHz and goes upto 4 ghz with turbo boost. Just installing this program is equivalent of having tlp enabled or tlp gives better battery life than auto-cpufreq?

Hp Omen 15 2020 Laptop with Ryzen 5 4600H & Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti, Kernel 5.15

Depends on what you are using it for. TLP is used to enable a whole plethora power-saving settings. Most of the power-saving options are already enabled, but you can still customize it through it’s configuration file. There’s also TLP-UI which can be used as GUI interface for customizing the settings of TLP.

Note - TLP can cause many issues with other stuff such as bluetooth and usb ports. It has also been dropped from official isos AFAIK.

Whereas auto-cpufreq is used for managing and setting appropriate CPU frequency and Turbo Boost settings based on power usage. I haven’t used this one, but the author says it should work fine with TLP as long as you disable TLP’s CPU settings.

You can discover other similar tools here:

Hi @Computer_Email23,

NOTE: Not having a laptop, this is pure speculation, no evidence to base my theories on. So it might be wrong. However, I don’t think so.

I think it depends on what you want to do.

According to this page auto-cpufreq is a lot more lightweight at the cost of functionality.

  • TLP is for complete power management; whereas
  • auto-cpufreq is only for CPU power consumption management.
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Thank you both of you. So auto-cpufreq is not a all in one solution. It is only for cpu power management while tlp is for everything including cpu.

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Correct. So it depends on you :100:%!

Tlp is causing Bluetooth issue. Bluetooth turns on automatically with tlp enabled. So I guess I have to uninstall tlp & only rely on auto-cpufreq.

I have 0, none, no experience with bluetooth, but seeing as TLP is a complete power management solution, there should be a setting somewhere…

Have a look at Radio Devices: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, WWAN — TLP 1.5 documentation


Yup…this helped… Now the problem is gone…thanks

I am only using tlp now.

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Thanks for the “Power Management” link.

Is turbo boost not available with tlp? I am getting only 3ghz on ac but my processor can go upto 4GHz.