Why is `iputils` not installed by default?

I can’t say at which iteration Manjaro does not have iputils installed by default. Yesterday, I did a fresh install with the latest Manjaro iso (KDE version) from the official website. I was surprised to find that ping was not available. After a little research discovered that the iputils package was not installed by default. Far be it from me to question this decision, but I am curious as to the reason behind not installing it by default. Has it been superseded by a newer package? Are the utilities therein being deprecated?

Looks to me like it was removed (accidentally?) with this commit at 2021-10-21.
The commit message suggests attempted openbox changes but shared/Packages-Root got edited as well.
@linux-aarhus ?

I don’t think so.


It’s been corrected:


The commit has some (probably unintended) side effects:

edit: I can see, that some all have been corrected later, the sof-firmware addition hasn’t been restored though.

Maybe a bit OT …

But why are we adding multiple packages to beef up nano?
Can we just pre-install micro already…
(and set it to the EDITOR and SUDO_EDITOR env vars … so we can finally default to suggesting sudoedit)

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That should not have happened. I reverted it.

sof-firmware was added again in the same commit than nano-syntax-highlighting

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Apparently I took the commit message too literally :wink:
It’s been a long day :sleepy: