Installing kali linux apps on Manjaro

Hi Everyone!

I was curious, that If I can add kali linux repostirories to my Pacman files, can I install and use the kali linux hacking suite?

It’s impossible use Kali repos in Manjaro – Kali is based on .deb while Manjaro use tar.zst packages.

You can use instead BlackArch or add their repository (but you should be aware that some apps may not work or even broke your system).


Ok, Just wanted to confirm, thanks!

Well, I think you can consider about “Docker”

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Just putting it here Best way to install the BlackArch Software suite in Manjaro?

Search again I guess you could find other non Manjaro compatible thing you want to merge into Manjaro.

Answers will be the same again. Install each tools you want individually by compiling or by installing from repos, or AUR, or else download the script kiddies distro you are attracted to and use them (no offense to the distro themselves, which are powerful tools, but the intent here starts to clarify more and more to me).

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