Best way to install the BlackArch Software suite in Manjaro?

Hello, What is the best way to install the entire black arch suite without breaking the system, Some way that is extensively tried and tested! Thanks.

This is a distribution. Install the tools they use from the package manager then, here is the list Tools in BlackArch

Don’t even thing about it.

Manjaro is not Arch and certainly not BlackArch and you will run into severe conflicts.

If you need an additional repo for pentesting etc. - is the recommened repo.


Oh, Can I see it is an ISO, Is it not ANOTHER DISTRO?

Did you even google Black Arch? You want to install something you don’t even know? I didn’t know about Black Arch 5 minutes ago, but it seems I already know more than you about the topic.

//EDIT: you were talking about archstrike? Anyway I would still say the same in the end, a simple google or even a click on the provided link would be enough to know that.

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You can use it as an ISO or you can add it as a repo.

Simply add it as a repo in Manjaro and you will have state-of-the-art packages at your fingertips.

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Yes, I knew it was a distribution, but you see it’s Tools were
what I was after.

OK, will look it up Thank you.

Garuda has a BlackArch Spin called Dragonized BlackArch Edition (KDE)
Good Luck.

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Some of there iso are Really big… Ouch.

Just one more thing, can you guide me to the website where they show specifically the pen testing tools they give and their documentations. thanks

I did but - here is one more time for the prince -

I reckon you are a noob - you wouldn’t need to ask if you knew your tools :clown_face:

Ok, Thanks I will find it myself,
PS: I was talking something like this:: https:fds// , as I wasn’t able to find for archstrike. thanks again.

I am a Newcomer I’d say.

in this case you call for the


Did you try the menu on top of the website. come on search a little it is easy to find if you actually try.

I know the packages tab, I just want to know if that site has a filter for only pentesting stuff. Not going to bother you guys anymore, I feel like I should research more. Thanks everyone for helping.

I’m not sure there are specific ‘pentesting tools’. I think all/most of these tools are used for ‘pentesting’