[Installer Image i686] 2019-01-29 - minimal Xfce installer image 18.0.2



As promised, a new installer image based on the 2019-01-25 update pack.

Only Xfce is available, with kernel 4.14 for compatibility with most i686 systems, and for some reason only the minimal profile (not that it makes all that much of a difference).

All files are here:

Have fun. :slight_smile:


Great to see a new 32 bit iso for Manjaro! Thanks


That link leads to LXQT (I mean, the ISO installs LXQT).


What, seriously? The Xfce profile which boots into Xfce) installs LXQT?


No. It boots LXQT with openbox. The only XFCE in there is the ISO name :wink: (I actually prefer LXQT, just wanted to give it a spin).


OK, that’s weird. I’m sure I tested it before uploading it…


Well, it was the only ISO on the downloads directory and I’m sure I don’t have LXQT installed, so I doubt I made a mistake (I’ll check it later anyway).


Wait, I have the thumb with me and it is a 64bit profile. Maybe I made some confusion after all. I’ll download the ISO again.


Boy! I feel so ridiculous! I must have burned the wrong ISO. False alarm :blush:


I’m almost disappointed that you didn’t find a “secret” Openbox image… :laughing:


Ok, now I got how this happened. My Wife’s downloads folder was reset somehow and the file went to her home directory. It happens I had an old LXQT 64bit ISO on her downloads directory and took it as being the XFCE I wanted to test :eyeglasses:


Hi everyone,
I am thinking about install manjaro32 on an asus eeepc901, 4gbssd and 16ggbssd,1gb ram, the first intel atom, almost no graphic card.

So as thinking on fxce as too much, I would rather prefer use lxqt.

Any advice about how to use manjaro32 with lxqt?

  1. Install the Xfce image, install LXQt
  2. Use the Architect installer
  3. Just use Xfce, it works fine on an EeePC 901 (and I’d know, that’s the 32-bit laptop I have and is the whole reason I maintain manjaro32).


thank you @jonathon without you 32 users would have been lost… including me XD…
@cerdicola you use xfce, cause is lightweigh, and is special for old hardware…


Did you upgraded it to 2gb RAM?, iI don’t, only have a new internet bought battery.

I am downloading and will try it, because I don´ t like to install 2 window managers or desktop environments.
So in case I want to try the lxqt I would reinstall with the architect .


Nope, still the original 1GB.

You’ll be able to run Firefox with one or two tabs open - any more than that and things will grind to a halt.


Ok then.

Gracias thanks.


Also on Live USB:


I know what that nick means :wink: