Install Manjaro with a 6800XT

Just wondering if there is a iso that has updated mesa and firmware that allows 6800XT to work.

ATM it black screens me on boot of install usbpen.

You could try the install using Architect and then use:
LInux Kenrel 5.10.rc5
Latest linux-firmware-git
Install mesa-git

Probably you will also need

Have you tested this?

mesa is still 20.2.3 - so, maybe not much help for your GPU …

Apparently current linux-firmware in the repos contains everything needed. (no AUR or git required)
Not so sure about the exact snapshot of the ISO.

Yeah I got the latest Nibia iso and it still black screens on boot with 6800XT.

Not sure about Architect, never used it before.

In the end I installed Architect, and after several tries I managed to get Manjaro all setup.

I did need to go into chroot option in the end and install linux-mainline (I used a repo) with sudo -u username yay -S linux-mainline.

Alternatively you can install linux5.8 and ctrl-f2 whatever to a tty and then do it, provided your internet is enabled.

Keep in mind linux5.9 will for whatever reason black or crash screen with navi2 cards.

In manjaro we generally use mhwd-kernel to install kernels.
It would make sure to grab and rebuild modules and such too.
Even on Stable branch 5.10 is available there.

Yes I see RC5 there, however waiting on RC6 or RC7 to show up.

I see. Currently in Unstable Branch then.

Yeah I enabled unstable, removed the mainline version and installed the manjaro linux510. Hopefully all good now.

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