Install manjaro plasma and use other hard disk to files

Good I would like to install manjaro on a hard disk and have on another hard disk the user data as you can do in Windows with a system disk and other data but I do not know how I could do it if during installation or after how to redirect the root / to the other hard disk.

Hi @Nachocob,

I’d recommend you install it on the main hard drive and when it’s done, you can split everything off as required. See

Hope this helps!

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You can set the mount point to dedicated folder: e.g. /home or /opt or …
during installation or with an existing installation.

Hello @Mirdarthos

I thought it would be easier hahahaha

Hello @Keruskerfuerst

What you say, do I do it with the custom installation? When you choose the partitions?

Well it’s not hard, it just requires you to think ahead and plan ahead.

I’ll try first from virtualbox

Thank you!

You can set the partitions during installation, partitioning.

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