Install from .iso on drive

In wIndows, the .iso has a setup.exe in it, that you can just click to install & keep all your settings (that is how I patched Windows when it was unauthorized), anyway is there a way to do the with a linux .iso?

A command to install it & keep app settings? I think I might want to install the Manjaro KDE .iso when plasma 6 comes. It is easier to get dark mode on all apps I would think. I would like to just put KDE onto my sys, but Mate will mess with stuff & I can’t totaly get ridf of it right? I treid installing KDE before, vut didn’t do it right. I like Caja more than Dolphin though, is there a QT Caja?

You can, in theory, keep /home on a separate partition and reinstall the rest. There is even several tutorials in the forum to backup settings.
The problem comes if you start mixing things and changing, for example now you have Mate and you reinstall KDE. The settings from the Mate also reside in the hidden .config, .local or whatever dot folder in the home. And maybe something will conflict, if you do not delete the old settings.

So no, there is no such wizard process. It is, when you think of it, logical - in windows you have 1 OS with 1 DE. It is just an upgrade. And here you have different combinations. They cannot just work without manual intervention. Maybe some day someone will develop a “settings translation” tool for linux, but i doubt it will be soon because it will be very error prone, require a lot of effort and probably not be on high demand.

Good point. When I installed, I just let it install, so one big root really. So what about the Caja QT? All the Mate settings in this folder (accept the thme) /home/********/.config/mate or if I tnstalled kde ontop of Mate, if I went in & deleted all the Mate folders, would that be enough to get rid of all traces of Mate?

There is easy way you can you do this.

Technically you can boot an ISO from grub - that is fairly straight forward

When it comes to retaining your settings, this poses a challenge - especially if you do not have your home on a separate partition.

You could however prepare yourself as laid out in the following topic - see it as a template which needs further work to be complete.

There is not - but you can replace dolphin with pcmanfm-qt and ark with lxqt-archiver - personal preference.

I will just wait until the .iso with Plasma 6 is out & install it, I have a loth of conflicts when it tries to update from my failed KDE install, need to get rid of all the KDE files. Mate is going no where right?

I can’t say - I know it exist - but never been a huge fan … it’s a part of Linux Mint so - who knows …

What caommand should I use thr grt all the KDE stuff of my sys? i have conflicts when I try to update, so it won’t finish the update.

What did you use to try to install it ?

With no idea whatsoever I might start off trying to do something like

sudo pacman -Rns $(pacman -Qgq kde-applications kde-utilities kde-graphics kde-multimedia kde-network kde-system kf5 kf5-aids plasma)

I did the instructions on the FAQ page on this site how to install other FEs.
Could I just redo that when 6 comes out & have KDE with all my setting still or is it better to install the .iso?