Install Compiz With ALL Extras in Manjaro KDE

I would like to install Compiz with maximum effects and options. I’m using Manjaro KDE and already know that Compiz requires some very careful configuration and also know that it can be considered unstable, especially with some specific effects activated.

I see there are multiple instructions on the internet some say install with compiz-manjaro which no longer works, and there is a simple all inclusive package compiz for Compiz 0.9.14 which installs almost everything but is missing the reflection effects plugin as well as the fusion icon.

There are at least 2 versions on the AUR repositories, the one listed above, and a 0.8.x version but there are a number of packages required to make that work. There also seems to be a number of Compiz packages with the -git extension (for lack of a better term)

There is also a custom made script that will install Compiz but its Debian based. The link is here: Compiz Release Announcement – 0.8.14 | Soreau's Blog but its missing the fusion-icon.

I’m looking to install Compiz with all the extras. Maximum resource consuming effects and extras! :slight_smile: Experimental, unsupported and standard plugins as well as all the tools like fusion-icon.

Does anyone know how this is done?

The package compiz-easy-patch is in the repo.

I am playing with compiz at the moment - I have found it can be nasty if you are not careful - backup your working settings frequently - or you will have a major set-back.

Many of the compiz packages in AUR is not compatible with the package in the repo - so you will have to choose carefully.

I have installed the compiz-easy-patch, cairo-dock and cairo-dock-plug-insfrom the repo - and from AUR buildcompiz-boxmenuandemerald-gtk3`.

It is a very slow process to reach something workable but reading the Arch wiki on Compiz is a tremendous help.

You will also want to install one or more themes - and they are hard to find

There is a package with Emerald themes to build from AUR emerald-themes

$ metacity-theme-viewer
$ emerald-theme-manager
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Ok. So compiz-easy-patch is the new compiz-manjaro. I’ll install it in a bit.

Yes indeed, it can be nasty… I have been using compiz for many years at this point so I am aware of the possible issues. I have had to boot to a terminal and reset or remove compiz many times.

Arch Wiki is a tremendous help for just about anything you want to know regarding Linux.

And I already have an emerald theme created and backed up as well as a bundle of themes that I have been collecting and saving over the years.

Compiz is really the coolest and most fun window manager ever made. If you are looking for speed… maybe you’re some red team pen tester or something then maybe compiz is not for you but for a home computer its really awesome. Especially with all its effects and a terminal or 2 embedded in the desktop.

People are really missing out!

Thank you for the updated info on the east patch.

Do you see reflection in the CCSM anywhere? I think its under effects but I’m not sure. Also does it have all the experimental and extra effects like burn, beam and black hole?

So i installed the Compiz-easy-patch but its missing the fusion icon and reflection effect. I uninstalled it to install compiz 8.18 from AUR but i keep getting a conflict with compiz-easy-patch eventhough its been uninstalled.

Does anyone know how to remove compiz-easy-patch fully?

sudo pacman -Rns compiz-easy-patch

I think what you are missing are the experimental plugins - which is not supported at 0.9 - at least as far as I have read …

compiz 0.9.x is not compatible with compiz 0.8.x.

From my reading on Arch there is a big difference between 0.8.x and 0.9.x but some things like emerald 0.8 will work with compiz 0.9

I think that many of the inconsistencies is the reason why compiz is mostly unsupported on Manjaro and all those problems and inconsistencies is why I have been thrown off track earlier.

still cannot install compiz 8. says it conflicts with compiz-easy-patch. or if i install compiz 8 via terminal with yay or pacman it tries to install compiz-easy-patch. so one way it says its installed, and the other way it installs it… I’ll keep working on it and update once i have figured out all the necessary packages and get it all working.

Uninstall compiz-easy-patch.

When thís done locate the AUR packages and build them - starting with compiz-core from AUR.