Offer to maintain compiz-manjaro

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A few days ago I requested a required update for compiz-manjaro to continue to work with the latest metacity update. I subsequently provided a patch to get the source on gitlab up-to-date and compilable.

It looks like compiz-manjaro has been subsequently removed from Unstable and Testing (per the branch compare site).

I’d like to offer to update and maintain that package if the manjaro team doesn’t have time to manage it for the following reasons:

  • This package is unique from the compizAUR in that:
    • it contains scripts to automate the install (without this, the user would need to manually configure compiz to replace the default compositor)
    • it includes a GUI tool to easily select the window decorator theme (without this, the user would have to use the terminal to change the theme)
    • it compiles compiz with plugin configuration that provides more sane defaults, manjaro colors, and better plugin configuration that is not otherwise available post-compilation

(Personal reasons)

  • I have this package on pretty much all systems I manage
  • I use the bells and whistles provided in compiz to entice more people to try linux (and specifically manjaro)

I’m sure I’m not the only one who uses this package. It would be a shame if it were no longer available. Please re-consider removing it.


Maybe rename and submit your PKGBUILD to the AUR?
Something like compiz-easy ?


I am having constant issues with picom (compton) as my current system runs with Nvidia graphics and proprietary drivers.

I suggest we join efforts with this - and because Manjaro gitlab is not very flexible - I suggest we use another place of exchange. I have recently started moving my projects from github to

You maintain the pkgbuild - I test it - and subsequent build and upload to unstable repo - where it will float down the stream to stable.

If that is an idea I could start by creating a repo at fhdk - for you to make a pull request.

Now I remember - I have been playing with compiz before - and gave up.

New lessons learned - thank you Arch Wiki and thank you @lectrode for sparking my previous interest in compiz - do you have some configs to share?

Now I have a root menu - Openbox style - next is autostarting polybar - next is to apply some of my favorite shortcuts to a rofi launcher

Who knows - this could be an interesting journey :slight_smile:


Sounds like a plan! :slight_smile:

I see you already have the repo created and it successfully builds. If this is going to be uploaded to the manjaro repos to replace the old one, it should probably have a replaces=() to streamline that process for existing users. In addition, the default theme in the current package no longer exists.

I’ve created a pull request that addresses both of these.

As far as configs go, I mainly use one config that I’ve tweaked over the years. Warning: it’s got wobbly windows and some other fancy effects enabled.
(Not in the pull request, just here for fun)


Move a window even if the titlebar is not visible: Super Alt Click and Drag
Screen zoom: Alt Super Up / Alt Super Down (can zoom 3 times)
Magical cursor toggle: Super z
Fire Paint: Hold Super f and move cursor (Super Shift f to clear)
Cursor Locator: Super k


s0_expo_edge = BottomLeft
s0_vp_brightness = 90.000000
s0_expo_key = <Control>space
s0_zoom_time = 0.300000
s0_vp_distance = 0.020000

s0_command = gtk-window-decorator --replace

s0_active_plugins = core;composite;opengl;compiztoolbox;decor;firepaint;grid;imgjpeg;mousepoll;move;neg;place;regex;resize;showmouse;winrules;wizard;wobbly;animation;animationaddon;expo;ezoom;fade;staticswitcher;workarounds;addhelper;
s0_minimize_window_key = <Alt>F9
s0_autoraise_delay = 100
s0_outputs = 1920x1080+0+0;

s0_random = true
s0_emitters = 5
s0_guide_thickness = 0

s0_top_left_corner_action = 7
s0_top_right_corner_action = 9
s0_bottom_left_corner_action = 1
s0_bottom_edge_action = 2
s0_bottom_right_corner_action = 3


s0_mode = 0

s0_snap_type = 0;
s0_resistance_distance = 50


s0_lighting = true

s0_initial_damage_complete_redraw = false
s0_java_fix = false
s0_ooo_menu_fix = false

s0_open_effects = animation:Glide 2;animationaddon:Beam Up;animation:Fade;animation:None;
s0_unminimize_effects = animation:Glide 1;
s0_unminimize_durations = 250;
s0_close_effects = animationaddon:Burn;animation:Glide 2;animationaddon:Beam Up;animationaddon:Beam Up;
s0_close_durations = 500;120;300;50;
s0_close_matches = (type=Normal) | class=Xfce4-settings-manager;((type=Normal | Unknown) | name=sun-awt-X11-XFramePeer | name=sun-awt-X11-XDialogPeer) & !(role=toolTipTip | role=qtooltip_label) & !(type=Normal & override_redirect=1) & !(name=gnome-screensaver) & !(name=gnome-screenshot);((type=Menu | PopupMenu | DropdownMenu | Combo | Dialog | ModalDialog | Normal) & !(class=\\.exe$) & !(name=xfce4-screenshooter) & !(name=flameshot-gui));(type=Tooltip | Notification | Utility) & !(name=compiz) & !(title=notify-osd);
s0_close_options = ;;;;
s0_open_durations = 240;120;80;50;
s0_open_matches = ((type=Normal | Unknown) | class=Xfce4-settings-manager | name=sun-awt-X11-XFramePeer | name=sun-awt-X11-XDialogPeer) & !(role=toolTipTip | role=qtooltip_label) & !(type=Normal & override_redirect=1) & !(name=gnome-screensaver);((type=Menu | PopupMenu | DropdownMenu | Combo | Dialog | ModalDialog | Normal) & !(class=\\.exe$) & !(name=xfce4-screenshooter) & !(name=flameshot-gui));(type=Tooltip | Notification | Utility) & !(name=compiz) & !(title=notify-osd);;
s0_open_options = ;;;;
s0_minimize_effects = animation:Glide 1;
s0_minimize_durations = 250;


s0_initiate_key = <Super>w
s0_toggle_rain_key = <Shift><Super>F9
s0_toggle_wiper_key = <Shift><Super>F8
s0_title_wave = true

s0_initiate_key = <Super>f
s0_fire_color = #ff0200ff
s0_clear_key = <Shift><Super>f
s0_bg_brightness = 100.000000
s0_fire_size = 2.000000
s0_fire_life = 0.200000
s0_fire_mystical = true
s0_fire_slowdown = 2.000000

s0_toggle = <Super>z
s0_e_count = 50;1;2;20;20;200;200;200;200;200;
s0_e_active = false;false;true;false;false;false;false;false;false;false;
s0_darken = 0.000000

s0_initiate_button = <Alt><Super>Button1

s0_unfold_key = <Alt><Super>Down
s0_skydome = true
s0_multioutput_mode = 2

s0_above_match = title=Popout for YouTube™

s0_timeout = 10
s0_focus_instant = true
s0_passive_opacity = 80
s0_active_opacity = 80


s0_windows_count = 1
s0_windows_start = 1
s0_max_opacity = 80
s0_min_opacity = 80


s0_fire_color = #05ff13ff

s0_bg_image = h;
s0_bg_image_pos = 0;
s0_bg_fill_type = 0;
s0_bg_color1 = #000000ff;
s0_bg_color2 = #000000ff;

s0_raise_on_rotate = true
s0_edge_flip_pointer = true

s0_zoom_in_key = <Alt><Super>Up
s0_zoom_out_key = <Alt><Super>Down
s0_zoom_factor = 2.000000

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I have built package based on your PR - it is in unstable now.


Hey guys, first let me say thank you both @lectrode and @linux-aarhus for doing this, I would probably quit using Manjaro if I had to fight to make compiz work with every update. I’ve been using compiz for years on multiple systems and it has become an essential part of Manjaro for me. Not just the effects, but the convenience it provide with shortcuts and general ease of use.

I noticed the change on the updates this morning and just wanted to check in and try to figure out why they removed it and quit supporting it in the first place.

Also curious about why it’s moving to instead of staying with the other Manjaro stuff. I get that you mentioned functionality, but is that common to have packages in different testing locations instead of on the main testing repo?

And finally, if you guys are changing the configs, is that going to mess with my current configs that I’m using when I do the update? I’ve customized it pretty heavily and honestly don’t remember everything I’ve done so it would probably take me forever to go back and try to figure out what’s going on…

Again, thank you guys so much for taking this on and although I’m not a developer by any means, I am willing to help where I can.


The only reason I put it on codeberg is because I know there is/has been issues with external contributions on the gitlab instance.

So using codeberg is a gesture of good will from my part - an attempt to make it easy for you.

Just ping me when you have updates - I will pull the changes and rebuild the package. When I have the time I will make a new Manjaro PKGBUILD in the community repo which pull the code from codeberg.

The reason the the package has been removed is because nobody is maintaining it - you are one out of a handful I have come across the past 4 years as packager with Manjaro.

So the demand for compiz is very little - almost non-existing - but I don’t mind rebuilding the package from time to time - let’s see what time brings … for you and for me … and for the rest of the world … Denmark has become the origin of a mutated covid - yes - spreading from mink farms 1.100+ with more then 10 million animals - which - each and everyone are to be culled - all minks embarks on their last journey … so are you planning on going to northen jutland - forget it - it is going be isolated.


My Manjaro XFCE install from Feb 2015 is still running compiz-manjaro (0.9 series). I haven’t installed the 4 Nov updates yet as I’ve been busy. I would like to keep using compiz, if still possible.

Do I need to uninstall anything compiz-related or disable the autostart entries for compiz before I install the 4 Nov updates to avoid any borking of my xfce system, or will xfwm automatically kick in if compiz doesn’t work?

I’ll be keeping an eye to see when these latest patches get into the stable branch.

The package has been renamed so your installation should not change.

The new package is named compiz-easy-patch.

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Noted and thanks, but it’s not in Stable branch yet, as far as I can see.

Then your mirror has not synced - check with Manjaro - Branch Compare

Check your mirror using pacman-mirrors

pacman-mirrors --status

Just now playing around with compiz - I am beginning to like it :slight_smile:



This is an awesome window manager - I am beginning to the hang of it - the tiling features is awesome.

I am on the brink of switching to compiz - I have some configuration to figure out - so far I am getting more and more hooked.


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