Where can a user submit bug report about Manjaro-related stuff (at least suspected as Manjaro-related)

For my recent post used the Feedback section, but got the topic moved into Support.

I think that Feedback section is for lacks which user can’t fix (can do only workaround) and should be fixed by Manjaro team.
The support section is for user-related problems of how to use somewhat.
Am I right?

Also, noted the Incompatible category description and suggestion issue.

The final question is: where to report Manjaro-related bugs?

Feedback is about user experience and suggestions, as well as issues regarding Manjaro online services (wiki, forum, website…).

Support is about any issue or bug in a user’s Manjaro system. Users may then be redirected to notify upstream developers on actual bugs.
The same logic applies for Manjaro-made software.

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