Implications of Downgrading an AUR Package?

I had a version of vorta which allowed it to be run from root so that I can use it as a whole system backup tool, which I found very useful for a lot of reasons, but the most recent version does not show the GUI when run from root.

What are the implications of downgrading vorta (potentially from the linux archive using downgrade? Since vorta is installed from AUR, does this mean that the rest of the system won’t be placed into an unstable partial-upgrade state, or is this more the domain of sandboxed programs like snaps/flatpacks?

root@MidnightStarSign:/home/sarah# downgrade vorta

Downgrading from A.L.A. is disabled on the stable branch. To override this behavior, set DOWNGRADE_FROM_ALA to 1.
See  for more details.

Try run with:

sudo dbus-launch vorta

Nope, still the same headless config:

root@MidnightStarSign:/home/sarah# sudo dbus-launch vorta
QStandardPaths: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set, defaulting to '/tmp/runtime-root'
2022-12-01 13:53:05,320 - vorta.i18n - DEBUG - Loading translation failed for ['en-GB', 'en-Latn-GB'].
kf.notifications: env says KDE is running but SNI unavailable -- check KDE_FULL_SESSION and XDG_CURRENT_DE

Logout from root and run as normal user.

Same effect (I would have expected this).

That’s weird. Mine freshly installed 'vorta` show GUI when run with root privileges. Maybe you need rebuild package :thinking:

I just built it from the AUR :slight_smile:

Could be local configuration somehow?

EDIT: It said something abotu check KDE_FULL_SESSION and XDG_CURRENT_DE SKTOP :woman_shrugging:

That probably doesn’t matter. I have same message.

You can’t. vorta is an AUR package, it’s not in the ALA (Arch Linux Archive).

However, if you still have the older version in your cache, you could manually install it.

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You can pull old PKGBUILDs though and build those (as long as sources are still available).

Same as with any other package. Only difference is that repo packages don’t depend on AUR packages.

If old vorta depends on some old system package - it (vorta) won’t work. If some other AUR package depends on new vorta - it (other AUR package) won’t work.

Yes, I’m aware.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I meant AUR packages cannot be downgraded using downgrade.

No, my intention was just to add to your point (I thought I replied to OP), which is still true. :slight_smile:

What about the alternative “backintime” …

Works great for me every night at 00:00:00 ( only changed files are backuped )

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