I'm stuck in rootfs shell, fsck check forced

Kindly help!
It says about all emergency help like,
-p ,-n ,-y etc. But when I’m typing it it says not found

You get a help page when running:

e2fsck --help

or the long version:

man e2fsck
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What to do in the following case:-
Fsck.ext2 [-panyrcdfktvDFV] [-b superblock ] [-B blocksize], etc.
Then it goes like -
Emergency help-
Extended option -z undo_file device

Don’t know what to do…help

First chill, get a cup of tea and relax. Whoever acts hastily makes it worse than it already is.

Can you explain what happens?

Do you have an USB-Stick ready to boot a Manjaro live session?

Usually you can repair an ext file system with:

fsck -f -y /dev/<devicename>

Could you please tell me how to upload a pic. I’m not able to do so…

I’m trying to upload a pic but error aa rha hai


I have uploaded it … could u look n tell what to do

I see you are in rootfs.


fsck -f -y /dev/sda1


What to do next

There are I/O errors, which indicates that there is a hardware problem. Is it a rotating hard drive disk? If so, then I would say the HDD is just dying right now, or has badblocks, which are not known by the file system.

Anyway. It would better to boot a Manjaro Live Session and check the health of the Disk:

sudo smartctl -x /dev/sda

Ho gaya thik…thnx