I would have expected Plasma 6.1

I would have expected Plasma 6.1… Well, maybe next time :slight_smile:


I thought Plasma 6.1 might make an appearance too, but:

As an end user I appreciate the Manjaro team and testers doing their thing to bring us an eventual stable Plasma 6.1 system with our patience.


What bugs are holding back Plasma 6.1?


If you had bothered clicking on the links in @kwacorn’s post, then you wouldn’t have needed to ask that question. :smiling_imp:

I checked the links, did not see anything that is holding up Manjaro’s release. :roll_eyes:

Obviously those aren’t going to be listed on a blog post by upstream

A link from the same link previously given – Bug List;
there are many candidates to choose from;
take your pick (or shovel).


Endeavour has already released Plasma 6.1. Don’t they care about bugs? :open_mouth:

Ask the Endeavour maintainers.

All I can add is that if Manjaro didn’t care much about bugs, and ensuring that Plasma was as compatible as possible with this platform, then you would most likely have had 6.1 many weeks ago; and both you, and other like-minded folk, would probably be here complaining bitterly about something or other. :slight_smile:

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Manjaro is not Endeavour. Or Arch.

Manjaro is curated. Which means of course it will take longer than a normal rolling-release. You are welcome to go to Endeavour if you want. Or Arch.


Coming from Plasma 5.x, I have learnt that the old settings will interfere with newer Plasma.
So I did a clean install of Plasma 6.

And all I can say is: With greater version number, comes greater number of bugs.

I dun see KDE team showing any interest / intention / attempt to fix the bugs, and I also dun see them taking user’s feedback seriously.

I will probably jump to Gnome in my next install.

I saw that Endeavour OS not delayed Plasma 6 release, which has a good amount of bugs.

Or he can switch the branches:


I dun see that you will be overly impressed with Gnome, either, when using it throughout any major update cycle.

There were many complaints when Gnome jumped to 4.5; mainly due to the decision to no longer support previous themes (all themes needed to be fully compliant).

With any version increase comes greater responsibility to understand the differences that might affect you.


Endeavour OS is an SEP matter and not relevant to Manjaro Stable Update announcements


I have used Gnome few years ago, and while not impressed by its customization options, their stability did stand out.

The current issue with KDE Plasma, as I pointed out, is not “unfamiliarity” with new themes.
But bugs, bugs which affect my bluetooth stability, my locale settings, my desktop widgets, etc.
I have seen many posts in forum seeking help on the same, and not all have a solution.

And I fail to comprehend why a new / clean install, would be plagued by such issues - unless it is an inherent issue which existed upstream, and was conveniently ignored by the KDE team.


With so many possible hardware combinations, it’s difficult to pinpoint any one cause; however, from observation, it usually seems to be either misconfiguration or incompatibility; neither of which are necessarily the fault of KDE.

I don’t know what your particular problem is; but I do know that automatically assigning blame to any entity, when the actual cause isn’t known, tends to be counter productive.

Issues can take time to diagnose and accurate reporting of an issue is often non-existent; which is why possible resolutions to a problem can be sometimes hard to find. Often the only choice is to take a wild guess as what someone is trying to report; and nobody likes to guess.

Anyway, this is heading off-topic, so I’ll finish on that note.


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That is because the ISO is a snapshot of the stable repo at the date of the ISO.

Besides a few utilities, Endeavour OS is using Arch Linux repos.

While EndeavourOS is not Arch - it is as close as you get without having to install from scratch using the archinstaller

Those topics is usually refering to stable branch.

I am avoiding Nvidia - so either Intel or AMD based system.

I am running my workstaion on Manjaro unstable branch, currently providing

Operating System: Manjaro Linux
KDE Plasma Version: 6.1.2
KDE Frameworks Version: 6.3.0
Qt Version: 6.7.2
Kernel Version: 6.6.37-1-MANJARO (64-bit)
Graphics Platform: Wayland
Processors: 24 × AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5945WX 12-Cores
Memory: 62,6 GiB of RAM
Graphics Processor: AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX
Manufacturer: LENOVO
Product Name: 30E000GMMT
System Version: ThinkStation P620´

Only minor issues, and certainly not those you describe - but then - I am no gamer - I only a light, carefully selected theming.

The issues I am refering is entirely application issues - especially JetBrains Rider - which is application specific and solved by temporarily using the EAP verson.

Sometimes - rarely - I have issues getting back if I have a paused video in a browser - nothing major - easily solved by switching to a TTY and do a userspace reboot systemctl soft-reboot

Besides that I have a couple of laptops using a highly specialized Manjaro (locked down using secure boot)

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Let me put it this way:
before clean install to Plasma 6.x, I was using Plasma 5.x, and has encountered no issue with all the current problems.

Naturally, the only possible conclusion I can draw is: Plasma 6.x problems.

I hope Gnome would give me better UX, knowing that its UI will be less customizable than KDE.

I dun game on Linux.
And I just leave the theme as it is - the default, without changing them.

This Linux desktop is my sole PC for daily work, so any bugs encountered, is gonna cause disruption to my routine work.

You have attended several of my issues previously, so you would have some ideas of my issues encountered (provided u remember).

Anyway, i dun wish to pursue / elaborate my issues (or perceived blame on KDE) on other’s post - I believe this is perceived as impolite.


Sorry. I think I was misunderstood. I appreciate Manjaro’s seriousness and I agree with Manjaro’s policy. First of all, avoid problems for users. Mine was just amazement at how the Endeavor guys behave.

Haha, yes, I suppose the astonished looking emoji should have conveyed that to some extent. I too apologise for the confusion. :blush:


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EndeavourOS might be more of an archlinux installer than a distribution. They don’t have their own repositories. So, in fact, they do absolutely nothing (for this update and others).