I would have expected Plasma 6.1

But they do.
You can look at its packages on moson’s mirror for example:

Those are just a couple of packages, like themes and some settings. Way less customization than manjaro and indeed it can hardly be called a separate distro if that is all.

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I, for one, am very grateful that this hasn’t hit my computer yet.

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We already have Plasma 6.1.

Please see:

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From my viewpoint the first response from user @kwacorn on this Topic already gave you the answer. I would mark his answer as solution.

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There’s always going to be bugs… nothing would ever get shipped if you waited for all the bugs to get fixed. The way I see it, since Plasma 6 was shipped at all, it should be updated in the repos. If Manjaro wanted to wait out the bugs, Plasma 6 should never have been shipped. However, it did, so unless there’s some major issues introduced in 6.1 then 6.1 should be shipped as there are bugs in 6.0 that are fixed in 6.1.

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I think those who are more willing to use the very latest releases can always switch to Testing or Unstable, and Unstable isn’t really all that unstable, I’ve been using it daily for many years now (plus Manjaro unstable is very nearly Arch Stable).


Manjaro was just waiting for the first 3 hotfixes which showed by the logs, that a good amount of bugs was fixed there after Manjaro released Plasma 6 to stable.

This doesn’t make sense to argue like that, like suggestion there are only 2 option. Perfect bug free or there should be no release at all.

Im not experience any major bugs in Plasma 6.0.5 release right now. It works pretty solid for me. :man_shrugging:

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Endeavour and all the other Arch-based “distros” use upstream Arch repos and add their own custom repo to the mix. This means they have to ship whatever Arch decides to ship out to the user. Which means they have only control over their own repo with their own additional packages.

Arch Linux ARM uses PKGBUILDs by Arch and also adds their own patched PKGBUILDs to the mix. This is needed as Arch Linux ARM uses a different processor architecture and needs to recompile all the packages against ARM specifications. Arch Linux ARM also only pushes sets of final package sets to their mirrors, so users have less breakage on their end.

Then there is CatchyOS which is also having their own repositories, as they recompile Arch"s PKGBUILDs to match their enhanced processor tweaks they offer. However, they only add their enhancements and follow upstream Arch close.

Manjaro on the other hand uses binary snapshots from Arch repositories and combines them with our overlay packages. So we build our own packages and adopt most of what Arch provides. However we control when we pull from Arch and offer several branches to our users.

Plasma 6.1 series is in our unstable branch, and we even provide updates sometimes faster than Arch does. GitHub - manjaro/plasma-6.1: Plasma 6.1 build. Simply switch to those branches you want to use and have the latest software as needed.


I really don’t get some people. They’ll post something is on arch, endeavour etc but refuses to switch to manjaro unstable which ironically is probably more stable than arch stable


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