I want wayland on my Nvidia machine!

stop disabling wayland on nvidia machines.
It forces users to go through a whole bunch of shady forums dabbling in config files that may or may not work . It forces them into a dangerous position.

Allow them to have the option to boot into wayland and when they see how “buggy” you say it is, they will opt into x11 on their own .

You are making them attempt shady installs of it and they will be flooding the forum with this subject.

Just enable it in its best case scenario and let the users choose on their own.

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I love that this tutorial exists but it was not the point (or maybe exactly related to the actual point) of my comment which is;

Having users run around and attempt to implement this tutorial is FAR MORE dangerous than having them be allowed to use a “buggy” wayland by default where they have the option to use X11 if the “bugs” are too much for them.

Option 1 : “buggy” wayland at default
Option 2: users mucking around with grub and kernel

which is more appropriate?

using amd or intel gpu’s is more appropiate !
nvidia and wayland was, is and will be a mess whatever impression some might have. it’s fact that nvidia gpu’s starting from the 10xx series up to the most modern 40xx series will not work with wayland. yes, wayland is a way more effective, snappier and does a great job, but it has still some flaws. nevertheless it does work really good with intel and amd but it doesn’t with nvidia. it’s just a matter of time that it breaks after installation when using nvidia.

I have no problems with Wayland - in fact I prefer Wayland - but even so I wouldn’t force Wayland onto each and every system.

Nvidia and Wayland is a combination I wouldn’t install on my enemy’s system.

You are entitled to use Wayland on your Nvidia based system if you so prefer - but the majority userbase just want their games to work - and with that sentiment - x11 is working.

Your topic is a personal rant and it serves no purpose at all …

  1. KMS is needed for Wayland and Nvidia says in its docs:

NVIDIA’s DRM KMS support is still considered experimental. It is disabled by default, but can be enabled on suitable kernels with the ‘modeset’ kernel module parameter.
Chapter 36. Direct Rendering Manager Kernel Modesetting (DRM KMS)

  1. The Gnome developers disable wayland when nvidia is detected by default:

If you want to enable it by default, then go to the Gnome Developers and present your reasons. I hope that are good ones. :wink:

Anyway, this thread will go nowhere.