Wayland on Gnome with nvidia

Getting back to this.

You cannot simply just not install wayland with nvidia. Half the humans on the planet have nvidia GPU and xorg is dead, wayland is the present and future.

You cannot say “I would not install waylong on my enemies computer” since there is not option other than wayland since xorg is dead.

Yall are making no sense what so ever.

Nvidia users have no option BUT to use wayland on their machines and Manjaro is killing off like half of its possible user base by denying us Wayland.

You cannot simply say, just don’t use nvidia. It is not an option if the only device you have has nvidia and you are strapped for cash. Which is the majority situation.

It is insanity that you still are forcing people onto dead Xorg. What are you smoking?!?

First of all, it is not our fault that Wayland does not support the proprietary Nvidia driver. Nvidia could have done what AMD did and open up its source code, but they have so far always bluntly refused to do so.

Secondly, X11 may not be under active development anymore, but it is far from dead. The code base does continue receiving bug fixes and security patches. It also still offers a lot of functionality that Wayland simply doesn’t support (yet), for which Wayland needs an X11 overlay via xwayland.

If you’re a fan of Wayland, then we’ll all be happy for you, but you cannot change the reality of Nvidia’s refusal to cooperate with the Free & Open Source Software world.

Maybe next time, think twice before you buy “a device”.

My own computer here is a shop-built desktop, not a laptop, and it has an onboard Intel GPU, which works just as nicely as anything else — as the matter of fact, it probably works even better, because even AMD has issues — but of course, I am not a gamer. Nevertheless, I can watch videos in 1920 x 1080 resolution and I don’t get any weird artifacts when doing it.

Oh, and I am happily on X.Org, thank you very much.

Buyer beware. :man_shrugging:

I’m sure I don’t wish to know from whence this nugget of wisdom came. However, I strongly support the response from Aragon. In a nutshell, it’s Nvidia itself that isn’t necessarily playing nice, which ultimately slows the widespread adoption of Wayland (on Nvidia). Until that changes, there is little to be done.

You might consider venting your frustrations more toward ArchLinux, rather than Manjaro, considering Manjaro is built atop Arch. Naturally, any constructive comments or criticisms are always welcome.

Y’all come back, now, ya hear?!

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and X11 isn’t dead and will last longer than people think. i’m not concerned about it as long both of them are avaiable. wayland the future ? this has been said for such a long time and it is still under heavy construction.

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“The future – A television in every room.” :tv:

– Taken from the motion picture Charly (1968) based on (not ‘off of’) Flowers for Algernon (1958, 1966), by Daniel Keyes.

I suppose I’m fortunate. I use X11 or Wayland interchangeably on every platform that supports both. However, I had the foresight to do the necessary homework to achieve this – choosing hardware wisely for my needs; and opting for the wider support of AMD graphics (again, for my needs) as opposed restrictive Nvidia offerings.

Borrowing from The Road Not Taken: “And that has made all the difference”.
– Robert Frost.

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You can’t say it is not dead. Already as we speak there is software (waydroid one of my favorites) coming out that completely drops support for dead Xorg. Gnome will drop Xorg. Xorg is dead. It is fantasy hopium to say otherwise.

In the same theme but a slightly different subject.

I keep hearing “gnome with proprietary nvidia drivers” but are you all meaning that Gnome will run fine with the open nvidia drivers, on Manjaro?

If I simply switch to the free drivers, will the Wayland option show up in my log-in window?

It is just the non-free drivers which are causing a problem?

It’s a fallacy. Gnome is dead; ugly little Troll, it is. :crazy_face:

Waydroid isn’t yet matured enough, in my opinion. I wasn’t successful having it even launch on either Gnome or KDE; both instances using amdgpu.

Even proprietary Nvidia can be a veritable crapshoot on Linux; however, the high-end models still seem very popular for gaming. I suspect this is moreover due to marketing than much else.

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