I Want to use Internet Download Manager in Manjaro linux

i Want to use Internet Download Manager IDM in linux so i used wine i want to interrogate idm to firefox so i need Base Filtering Engineservice but its not there is there any way i can use Base Filtering Engine in linux i just want to use IDM

You should rather use a download manager compatible with Linux.

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Try Chrono Download Manager or Xtreme Download Manager. The later though you need to install a companion app in the OS itself.

Short answer - no.

Wine is not a magic wand to make any and all Windows crapplications work on Linux.

You should invest some time learning Linux - it is - by any measure - superior to Windows - but that’s just me.


There are a ton of download managers available for Linux, in three common categories

  • User-friendly GUI

  • Command-line

  • Browser addon

I already used Xtream download manager but it doesn’t work correctly sometime its download doesn’t work which works in Firefox and IDM that is why i want to use IDM because I’m having problem with other download managers and also the extension just doesn’t work sometime

I stopped using Xtreme no because it didn’t work properly but because it always left a dialog open. I switched back to the browser extension Chrono and haven’t looked back, But I have seen at least two made for Linux that work exactly like IDM. Just search for alternative to IDM.

Take a look at Free Download Manager. I’ve used it for years and never had a problem. It’s clean, powerful, has builtin bittorrent support, and integrates well with firefox via an extension. It’s offered in the AUR as freedownloadmanager.

do you know how to install it

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Pamac is the default Package Manager and can be found as Add/Remove Software in your menu, or used in the terminal. Pamac comes packed with many features and better dependency management, allowing you to install or remove software in an easy and simple way.
– Manjaro Features -manjaro

Persepolis is in the repo - https://persepolisdm.github.io/

sudo pacman -Syu persepolis
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