I want to install Manjaro OS on SSD and the programs on HDD

My laptop contains 256GB of SSD and 1TB of HDD, I am not sure how much space I should give to Manjaro OS from SSD

You cannot proritize app installation to go to another disk.

You have two options


  1. mount /home to a partition on your second device


  1. symlink important folders from home to a separate partition
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Actually, you can. But not like you do in Windows, and it can get very complicated very easily.

Have a look at:

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Or use bind mounts :wink:

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Considering my ESP is 107MB in size out of 256MB and I have 4 OSes installed, I think 128MB is a safe bet for you (97MB is Lenovo, Microsoft and Insyde only God knows why putting whatever sh*t there, Manjaro barely eats 160KB).

Then swap, if you don’t need hibernation and you believe you will never be out of RAM, can be 0. Otherwise, if you need hibernation it should be as many as your RAM though 1.5-2x is better.

Give the rest to Manjaro, hopefully that’s still over 200GB so you can have many programs installed, including big ones.

As for your wish in the title, others have explained. The easy answer is “you can’t” while the hard one is “you can, but it will be hell quickly”, as most apps follow the filesystem hierarchy standard (FHS), where a single package may have files scattered over different directories instead of installed to its own directory. This is a problem distros like GoboLinux, and alternative package management like Flatpak, Snap and AppImage try to solve, albeit the FHS remains untouched.

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