I want to install Linux Mint alongside Manjaro

Hi I already have manjaro 20.03 installed on my pc and wan to install Mint but the last time I tried it manjaro went haywire and wouldn’t boot from the linux mint bootloader It was version 18.03, so is the problem fixed now or would I have to do some thing else after i install mint to boot into manjaro.

Any reason why you do not want to use Linux Mint in a virtualbox?

may be coz of RAM limitation ? i use vm to test drive and clean install once convinced to have a spin… thats just me but opinions may differ

Linux Mint and *buntu GRUB cannot boot Manjaro (at least in BIOS mode). You will want Manjaro GRUB to control.


if you have hdd space , you can. make sure you install mint with grub in its / partition.[provided its mbr and not uefi]
then you have to update manjaro-grub

my desktop triple boots with win10 [for family with efi on /dev/sda1,sda2 is windows; sda3 is Manjaro extfs [i didnt opt to go for seperate /home] and chose /dev/sda1 for efi
the third is my adventure with MX as i wanted to wet my feet with deb after a long long break, so i created / and /home seperate with a 2gb swap [which i share with manjaro when i boot into manjaro] [logical partition]

install procedure

  1. windows
  2. MX [in your case Mint]
  3. Manjaro [i prefer manjaro grub to take over the boot process which is well mentioned in the forum guides] OR H E R E as new forum is still evolving

You can run Mint’s installer in a terminal with -b option to not install any boot loader:
ubiquity -b
When the installation is finished, boot Manjaro and update the grub with:
sudo update-grub
In this way if you choose some day to delete your Manjaro, you have to make some work to get Mint booting.