I want to get my install to a smaller partition?

I have a smaller 125 Gig partition that has the install before my motherboard upgrade that hangs at a blue/green (a bit color blind) screen, can I just copy this over to that partition?

Is this related to this topic?

Too many vague ‘this’ ‘that’ phrases here.
I really dont know what you are talking about.

Like this - what do you mean ?

Who or what is Y?

Is your “I” key broken and you randomly replace “I” with a random working key on your keyboard (title and message)?

Mistype meant I.

No, that isn’t advisable, given your lack of experience.

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That’s your respond after all those comments, that your question isn’t clear?

I have a guess, what your issue is, and probably could help you as tons of others here could with a probably simple issue.

But why would anyone put in more effort in coming at you with all the questions needed to clarify what you are actually asking for?
If you show no effort in presenting a somewhat cohesive question?

Sorry, if I step out here a bit. But I find it just rude to ask for help in that manner.

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