I want Gnome 40! Why doesn't Manjaro ship Gnome 40 Shell yet?

I remember they said mid-June but that was a bit back.

Based on the current situations we might postpone Gnome 40 Shell even further back. Especially Pop-Shell is not yet ready for Prime. Having so many extensions to support needs time until those communities adopt them to the changes upstream are doing.


Better be safe than sorry.



Sorry @philm but i’m waiting for this update because of this bug : Activities in Gnome Shell broken with latest stable? - #2 by Apollo
Don’t know if updating to Gnome 40 will resolve it (i hope :slight_smile: ) but here, i’ve not update 3 manjaro’s computers since 2 months because of this bug.
Thanks for your good work !

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Did you switch the layout to Gnome layout yet?


If pop shell depends on Ubuntu and PopOS, then we’ll have to wait until October. Ubuntu does not plan to release Gnome 40 before October and version 21.10.

Gnome 40 is probably not perfect, but it is currently usable like Gnome 3.38 in Manjaro. I’ve tested the latest development versions of Manjaro Gnome, and Gnome 40 works pretty well. The extensions I used in Gnome 3.38 are now available for Gnome 40. Apart from Tiling in Gnome layout switcher which is problematic, the rest is ok.

@philm: Do you think it’s necessary to add/keep new desktop types (like pop shell or others) with the new and next versions of Gnome under Manjaro? Knowing that the Gnome team partially or radically modifies its desktop with each major update. First, it delays the release of the new version of Gnome under Manjaro, second, it can cause problems. Also, if we have to wait for another distribution to release a needed item, then we’re not done. I think Gnome 41, 42, etc. will not improve matters with this kind of problem. Wouldn’t it be better to stick with a Gnome Only desktop (Manjaro Gnome Legacy, Manjaro Gnome, Gnome vanilla, Traditional, Unity) now ?


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Yeah my activities are broken too… issue went away for like a month but has recently popped up again. I noticed activities break randomly only when you use it after booting or restarting the shell…

Another issue is that sometimes the dash to dock becomes unresponsive but that is fixed by toggling the activities, although this isn’t a Gnome issue, it’s an extension issue :slight_smile:

@Yiannis128 and @cyprien: Have you tested the Manjaro Gnome 21.0.x development iso to see if you’ve got the same problem ? Activities part is totally different in Gnome 40. Now the development iso is in stable-staging. Try it in liveusb. Here is the link (download files and in terminal, launch 7z x *.z01 command to have full ISO).

At this point I would just go for the vanilla gnome 40 experience in Manjaro by default. It seems to have worked out pretty well so far for Fedora.

It’s a noble gesture trying to get in those layouts and extensions but at what point will the overhead be too much for maintainers to handle?

I mean, I love the pop shell with tiling but I wouldn’t mind missing it or trying something else to get working tiling. I see Material has already some some work to be compatible for example.

Just my 2 cents. Of course the people in this thread are just a small part of the userbase and our opinions probably do not reflect every Gnome Manjaro user out there so there’s that as well.

The issue is that the problem doesn’t occur all the time, it is completely random (but I suspect that the matcha-gtk theme updates may have something to do with it), so even if I were to try a live ISO, I don’t know if or when it will appear. But looking at the overhaul Gnome 40 has had, I am hopeful it will not appear.

Well, I think this is their first radical change in quite a while, so this delay is not unexpected and is being seen across many distros. I, personally, think the layout switcher is a terrific idea that gives Manjaro Gnome a quite unique identity (and reason to exist). In my household, for example, I have my wife on the Windows 10-like layout (as that’s where she came from), my kids on the Mac/Chrome OS style layout (as that’s what they knew beforehand), while I’m using a more Vanilla Gnome setup. Very valuable and helpful.

I do, however, like your idea of perhaps having the layout switcher mirror the core and community model of Manjaro in general. Perhaps there should be 3 or 4 core layouts as you propose that are more under the control of the Manjaro team proper, and then “community” or “extra” layouts that get added and updated as those devs and distros bring along their extensions.


Maybe it is an idea to have a community/ development version of Manjaro Gnome 40.1 (vanilla) without the layout-switcher and Gnome extensions. Keep the official Manjaro, Gnome 3, with all the assets pre-installed for starters.

When I started using Manjaro Gnome as a beginner, the layout-switcher was very helpful to get a usable desktop experience. Now after a lot more experience I removed a lot of pre-installed extensions and layout-switcher, to make it leaner.

To get Gnome 40 I switched to the testing branch and my experience is great, thank you @ManjaroTeam !

So all you need to do is switch to the testing branch? What happens to all the extensions that are installed through pacman?

I turned all the extension off before updating and turned the ones on, I use, after updating. I used the firefox gnome browser extension, and also checked if it supported the right (40) shell version.

I know that later you can revert to the stable branch and nothing will be updated until it catches up version wise. So maybe I will update to G40 and then switch back to the stable branch and wait for the stable to catch up.

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That exactly what I did :wink:

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If the extensions aren’t activated, other than just a cleaner looking extensions menu, is there any benefit to removing extensions you aren’t using?

Not really, from what I understand, if an extension is incompatible with your version of Gnome, it will refuse to activate, so there’s no real reason to uninstall it aside from house cleaning.

Yes its not related to the update. Its more my personal itch, removing stuff I am not using and that show update notifications …

Yeah I removed the layout switcher as soon as I installed Manjaro as well, but that’s because I already had heavily customized Gnome before when I was using Ubuntu.

When I got my friends to switch, they loved the layout switcher and used it to customize their desktop.