I want Gnome 40! Why doesn't Manjaro ship Gnome 40 Shell yet?

btw when you are missing Dash to Dock on Gnome 40 you can use AUR (en) - gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-dock-gnome40-git available in the Pamac softwaremanager.


Thank so much for holding the update back and ensuring the stability of userspaces!


Hi Manjaro Team,

can you give us news about Gnome 40 on Manjaro ? For now, I’m using the development unstable version of Gnome with Gnome 40 and I don’t encounter problems. So, why Gnome 40 is not availlable in the stable branch yet ?

Sorry but I’m tired of waiting without news and prospects. So please, give us hope.



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The delay of Gnome 40 in the stable branch has gotten embarrassing. As an Arch-based distro, Manjaro is supposed to be at least somewhat cutting edge, right? Even Fedora has had Gnome 40 for over 2 months now.

Perhaps delays like this could be avoided in the future if Manjaro Gnome were more vanilla, with fewer extensions and customizations.


who uses gnome is because they like gnome and don’t care about the workflow, why don’t they update gnome ?

Yo have a choice @Zenbum , stable manjaro needs to be “kind of” stable. If you want run cutting edge, choose unstable or test, so you can because its closer to arch.

Some people choose Manjaro because they want /need a more stable system and they can. If you want stable the team can’t give you Gnome 40…


I’ve been using the developement unstable branch too and I have zero issues. I don’t use many extensions though, The one I use and rely on a lot is PopShell, and I can feel it’s a lot more funky now with Gnome 40, but it’s still very usable.

To be fair though, I’m not too much against the idea of waiting for extensions to work well on gnome 40 before getting it on stable, unstable has been pretty nice to me so far. I have had some hiccups here and there with the shell restarting, or not being able to fully log out sometimes, and I can see how you’d want to avoid this kind of things for people that are not very good with computers


This discussion has been had before. In this thread, as well as others. MY bottom line and opinion, if you want something more Arch, or more bleeding-edge, go to Arch or Gentoo. This is Manjaro, and Manjaro is not Arch.


I agree with you. A few extensions can block the release of the new desktop for weeks, or for months, and I don’t find that normal. As is the case with ‘Dash to Dock’. In such a situation, these extensions should be discarded temporarily or permanently because they cause delays. In our case, it is not Gnome shell 40 which is involved, but the extensions. I noticed in the Manjaro repositories that the ‘Gnome-shell 40.2-1’ package was available in the testing branch since June 10, 2021 (+/- 1 month), and the subject ‘Testing’ (announcement section) in which appeared Gnome shell 40.2 and its extensions was closed on June 16, 2021. Therefore, Gnome shell 40.2 should have been available in the 2nd part of June, see early July at the stable branch level. Currently, Gnome shell 3.38 is still present.

I also regret that no news has been given to us for a few weeks. it’s a little frustrating.


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it doesn’t make sense to say that Gnome 40 is unstable, Fedora has been using Gnome 40 for over 2 months without problems.

I see the day that Fedora updates to Gnome 90 and Manjaro using Gnome 3.38.

Well guys, if you want Gnome 40 so badly and Fedora has it, go where what you want is. I, personally, want Manjaro. So that’s where I’m going. Erm, staying.

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Not just Fedora. Solus also has it

What is the reason of people in the community to have Gnome 40 specifically with the Manjaro stable branch and not with test?

  1. Scared test will break stuff?
  2. Don’t know how to switch branch?
  3. Maybe some applications won’t work?
  4. E.c.t.

I am just curious, let me know.

Well guys, if you want Gnome 40 so badly and Fedora has it, go where what you want is. I, personally, want Manjaro. So that’s where I’m going. Erm, staying.

good idea

Don’t hurry guz… switch 2 testing branch if u want more latest packages…many people use Stable brach for stability…they want new software but not the bleeding edge…there are many distros which are good at being bleeding edge…but very few are like Manjaro…so don’t request it to be like any other distro…it is a unique distro with its own speciality.


Gnome 40 is in fact stable, and has been for a couple of months.

It’s apparently only a couple of extensions which are currently arbitrarily tied to it that aren’t stable. The definition of what exactly comprises Manjaro Gnome has changed in the past. I would suggest that perhaps it should change again. If these extensions were made optional, the resulting distro would still be distinctively Manjaro, but it would also be easier to keep up to date.

“For want of a nail, the battle was lost.”

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The Fedora release schedule is literally built around gnome release schedule so Fedora always has the latest gnome by design. Also, Fedora is pretty aggressive about including new things in general. They often are the first ones to switch to new technology, sometimes before it is ready.

Is anyone actually claiming that gnome 40 isn’t stable? People are simply letting you know it is available in other branches and you can switch to those branches if you want to use it now.

The original post is pretty clear in saying that it is being held back in order for the Manjaro customizations/workflow to be integrated into it. Those also need to be tested regardless of the stability of Gnome itself.

That being said, if you want it now, you can have it now. Simply switch branches to where it is. The differences in “stability” between the stable branch and the unstable branch is not that significant, unstable just moves faster. Switching branches is a quick process and you can also easily switch back if you want to.


It must be noted that there are likely silent manjaro users, maybe they aren’t even on the forum, who are happily using their manjaro customized gnome setups with those extensions in question. Can you imagine their response if an update to gnome 40 breaks the setup that manjaro devs provided them with?

Also, doesn’t Manjaro sell preinstalled machines? They can’t have them breaking if they can help it. (I do have some reservations about selling computers to the general public with a rolling distro that actually still requires some maintenance and attention to release announcements, but never mind…)

So while I’ve said before (on the old forum) that it’s better not to hard install extensions in root so users can just add and remove them via browser, I can understand where the devs are coming from.

Disclosure : I’m only using gnome 40 in Anarchy and I’m surprisingly not missing dash to dock too much. Just a little. For manjaro I use xfce/budgie.

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Was about to come here and say this. The extension currently holding up the release is Pop shell, which I discovered through Manjaro and have been using ever since as part of my professional workflow. A sudden update that breaks the extension is a genuine hit to the workflow and defeats the purpose of the stable branch.
As much as I’d love to get the latest and greatest shell, I could easily sacrifice that for the sake of a consistent experience with plenty of productivity boosts like the one we have now.

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popshell kinda works still in gnome 40, but it’s very funky. You can’t drag with the mouse anymore, but you can still do everything with the keyboard. guake gets tiled though even though it shouldn’t, and spotify doesn’t get tiled even though it should (both spotify has always been weird, I think something is weird with its fullscreen, I always have to toggle that on and off to be able to move the window around)

EDIT: PopOS is staying on Gnome 3.38 for now though, so popshell is not targeting gnome 40 for a while, and it’s not their priority. So if gnome 40 is really blocked by popshell, gnome 40 is going to stay blocked for a lot longer, possibly until after Ubuntu and PopOS move to gnome 40