I noticed that I’m using an unsupported kernel

Greetings! I am one of the renegades of the last KDE update, and I finally upgraded my second computer (my other one works fine with previous update 22/10/05).

One doubt, because I need VirtualBox (version 5.xx makes my windows vm crash unexpectedly) I’m still using Kernel 5.18; and I already noticed that I’m using an unsupported kernel.

But does anyone know if any of the LTS or new kernel version 5.19 allows virtualbox to continue working without VM/windows crashing?

@philm any suggestions?


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sudo mhwd -i linux60

There is no issues with 5.19 and 6.0 with relation to virtualbox.

I can tell from experience as I use Virtualbox on a daily base.

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Installing… and fingers crossed.
I will report my results as soon as I have tested them.
Thank you!

Will any of them be LTS?

No, I would recommend to use LTS or 5.19 and wait until 6.0.x is in stable

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You can follow what happens at The Linux Kernel Archives - Releases

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Maybe 6.1

On my end it shows kernel 6.0.0-1 in stable (no ‘experimental’ tag)

Well, in my case I’m looking for LTS kernels (where virtualbox works correctly).
With the link sent by @linux-aarhus I see that still does not come out one greater than 5.15 LTS, but it strikes me that 5.10 will be supported until 2026.

The hard part will be to understand which kernel is more beneficial on my work PC.

Maybe I can base it on the fact that Proxmox uses 5.15 which has to be robust in some way, BUT it was the one that gave me problems in virtualbox.


At the moment, I use 5.19, but at the earliest opportunity I will try to go back to 5.10 or 5.15 and try to get virtualbox working.

Does anyone know if once you boot with a kernel 5.xx that is not the most recent installed, in the next boot it boots with that 5.xx or the most recent in the boot list 5.19? - Sometimes I reboot my computer remotely and I wouldn’t know how to configure it to boot with a specific kernel.


Any particular problems, or just in general? I’ve been using VirtualBox on kernel 5.15 without a hitch.

There’s some “politics” involved in this, and Greg KH wrote about it a couple years back. Long story short, the kernel developers and maintainers want to see vendors put in some of their work and enthusiasm that is required to support a kernel for 5+ years.

It’s why previous “LTS” kernels have lengthier support lifetimes (from upstream), yet there’s an awkward drop with the release of 5.15 LTS.

You can configure this in Grub.

The file is /etc/default/grub, and you can set GRUB_DEFAULT=saved as well as GRUB_SAVEDEFAULT=true

Don’t forget to run update-grub after making changes.

This will boot into the previously selected entry the next time you reboot your system.

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You missed this part

What is the next longterm release going to be?

Longterm kernels are picked based on various factors – major new features, popular commercial distribution needs, device manufacturer demand, maintainer workload and availability, etc. You can roughly estimate when the new longterm version will become available based on how much time has elapsed since the last longterm version was chosen.

Looking at when LTS kernels are picked - last quarter every year - it looks like 6.1 is a likely candidate.

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Maybe I’m remembering wrong, I’d have to look in my support requests.
But the problem consisted of the windows 10 VM I use for work just crashing with blue screen.
When I consulted, I was told that the fault was the kernel and change to 5.18 which allowed me to work, and so I was until this week that stopped support.

Using 5.19 it hasn’t crashed since yesterday… but I don’t like to change kernels all the time and I always try to use LTS so I don’t have to struggle, which didn’t happen back then.

Yes, I read that; hence my enthusiasm for using LTS.

Hey good tip! note taken (and bookmarked)

Thank you!

Confirmed, both my machines are configured with those parameters in grub. :+1:t4:

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