I’m not able to make phone calls

I just installed majaro nightly on my PPP.
The progress is great, good work.
Camera is working but i’m not able to make phonecalls.
Is that a known bug?
If i’m placing a call it just doesn’t ring and if i’m receiving a call I can awnser but there is no sound.

Yeah, the dialer is not in a good state right now. There are several issues open in the developers git repo.

I did however just find out, that if you switch to pipewire with:

sudo pacman -S pipewire-pulse pipewire-alsa

(say Y to replace) and reboot, you get “working calls”.

The lockscreen thing still doesn’t work and audio is hit’n’miss, but at least I can hear stuff on both ends.

The dialer is working great now.
Sound in phonecall is also great.
Good work

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Is this still the case with you? Because I recently was not able to get the dialer (aka “Dialler” within the “Phone” app) working. See my forum entry about it here: I can't get the dialer to work

[edit] Okay, I did just notice this entry: I’m not able to make phone calls - #2 by Strit, about replacing pulseaudio with pipewire.