I lost the terminal

Hi guys! it seems i lost the terminal after yesterday’s big update. anyone knows how shall I proceed from here? nothing happens when i type ctrl alt t.
i’m running on i5 on a rog maximus ranger. a relatively new hardware installation.

Forum search is your friend - and so is reading update announcements

The accompanying topic to the update announce

contains a link to this topic

and if you did bother to search you would have discovered plenty issues almost identical to yours …


If you lost it, like you said you did, you can lure it back with a byte or two to eat.


I assume you refer to Gnome Terminal. Your locale settings are changed because of the update. Steps to fix it:

  1. Install another terminal like Deepin Terminal
  2. Uncomment the correct locale in /etc/locale.gen
  3. Run sudo locale-gen
  4. Reboot

i’m sitting right now with a rod and a byte in front of the screen but nothing happens… LOL


Great! I’ll do that! Thanks!

a Bit of patience. Then many bits.