I have no idea how to create an ethernet connection

I don’t know how to set up ethernet connection in xfce - ip address, “device” … etc.

in the connection editor/creator for ethernet connection I don’t know any of the information it asks for - to create the connection .I’m not sure what the device is - so I don’t know what to input for “device” . I also don’t know anything else required. I’m at a friends office plugged into the cat ?6 cable . this cable is an unknown quantity. if it’s not working I can plug into the back of a server. thanks

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Yes, thank you for your cooperation. Carry on…

What do you mean by that? Is the other end of the cable not connected to anything?

AFAIK, if you are wired to your router, you should get a connection automatically…

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no. I should have explained . at this office , he was advised that he didn’t need ethernet directly to his laptop and only needs wi-fi ; so the cable has been plugged into the wall and just laying under the desk . however , when I followed it to the wall - it’s plugged in , but the cover is loose and I don’t know if it’s dependable for a good connection . so I bought 25’ of cat 6 and can plug into the back of a server - in the closet. if I need to whenever I can stumble thru the process - of creating the connection . thank you mithrial , for asking .

yes, I’m using wifi now ; but I want to set up the ethernet . I can’t risk unplugging any of their equip. from the ethernet ; but I think I can connect plugged into this empty port in the back of the server .

1/ Are you intending to connect from the Network Card on one computer (the Server) to the Network Card on another computer, without going through a Network Switch or Router?

If you intend to do that, you will need a crossover cable.

2/ Do you know the network address on the Port that is available on the Server?

all I know , is I found a server in the closet where there is a whole bunch of various equipment including a router. So, I connected the ethernet cable into the back of the server and plugged the other end into the ethernet port on my desktop in the back. I described the problem that I have and that is that I don’t know the IP address or the name of the device that the network program needs in order to create an ethernet connection. I just don’t know any of the information to create the connection.

Then I am afraid I can not help you.

That information is critical if you want to do the set up you have described.

@loimp If you were an employee of mine, and

and I caught you in a ‘server closet’ mucking around because

I’d fire your (your friend’s) ass so fast your head would spin, then follow up with looking into criminal charges for unauthorized access.

The office belongs to a friend of mine and I have his permission to be there, to use the server, and to do whatever I need. I already mentioned that I would not disconnect or change any of their equipment.
Did you bother to read the whole post from the beginning.

Also, he is there with me.

Also, I never said anything about being an employee. Thank you

Still doesn’t make sense. You said

Who is this mysterious advisor?

If it is his office, and his equipment, why didn’t he just demand ethernet to his desk? I mean, that’s what bosses/owners do…demand things even if another way is much easier. Or (seems to me, based on above quote) he’s just an employee, who probably doesn’t have any right to let you in and muck about.

If my evaluation is wrong…oh well, not the first time. Just something smells fishy.

Why is the advisor mysterious?

I think you are trying to create a connection with a server that is not meant to manage routing. Otherwise, your system would be connected automatically.

If you do need to be connected to that server, this may be relevant, though you may not have authority to set it up at your friend’s office: Sharing PPP Connection - ArchWiki

But if you simply want to be connected to the Internet, then i advise you to follow the office instructions:

I agree about the Wi-Fi versus ethernet. I don’t know why anyone would not want to use ethernet. My friend whose office it is and who is also the owner of this company it’s not what you could call computer literate other than using the computer for his work. Anyway his it guy advised him that he didn’t need ethernet.
That doesn’t make sense to me either. But I don’t care about that. I just want to be able to have ethernet on my computer so that I can reinstall my system with an ethernet cable and do the updates over ethernet and set it up the way I like it and install other programs that I use and then bring it back to where I live where I only have Wi-Fi to use.

I’m not especially literate with computers either so that’s why I’m here trying to get help. I understand what you’re saying about the possibility of the server not being appropriate. I just described the effort that I have made so far. It’s quite possible that that will not work. I only know that there was an empty port on the back of the server and I plugged into it. To see if it would give me ethernet. The only real problem that I have is that I have not created an ethernet connection with the network program in my new xfce install. The reason I haven’t created one is because I don’t know what information to put into the program. This is a really simple thing I just can’t remember things anymore. It’s been over a year since I did this on my old computer. Thank you

Well, you should care. It’s probably that IT guy who set up the network in the office, and thus would be the most reliable one to ask for networking there. His instructions should be more relevant than anything you can find here.

If you have a working Wifi connection from the base installation – meaning you don’t have driver issues – then just use it.
If you do need a wired connection, setting up a PPP connection from your friend’s computer seems more feasible than from a server whose system you can’t access.
Otherwise, you’ll need to try your luck elsewhere…